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Video Lesson – Play Like Eric Johnson

Video Lesson – Play Like B.B. King

Video Lesson – Play Like Dave Gilmour

Video Lesson – Play Like Carlos Santana

Sight Reading Part 4 – Key Signatures

Playing with Expression Part 1 – Vibrato

Video Lesson – Play Like Stevie Ray Vaughan

Play Like Jimi Hendrix Video Lesson

Video Lesson: Using Chromatic Notes in Solos – Part 1

Sight Reading on Guitar Part 3

Chicken Picking (Hybrid Picking Part 3)

Sight Reading Rhythm Part Two

The Guitar Style Of Keith Richards (Rolling Stones)

Hybrid Picking Part 2

Sight Reading on Guitar – Part 1

Protected: Exotic Pentatonic Soloing Videos

Hybrid Picking – Part 1

Blues Guitar In Open A Tuning

Open Tunings For Blues Guitar (4) – John Lee Hooker

Open Tunings For Blues & Rock Guitar – Spanish Tuning

Funk Voice Leading

Harmonics Part 4 – Pinched Harmonics

Metal Rhythm Part 5 – Tapping Riffs

Harmonics Part 3 – Artificial Harmonics

Accenting In Funk Guitar

Open Tunings For Blues Guitar 2

Modern Metal Guitar Part 4 – Cross Rhythms

Metal Rhythm Guitar Part 3 – Scales

Funk Minor 7th Adaptions

Natural Harmonics Part 2

Open Tunings for Blues Guitar

Harmonics on Guitar

Blues Guitar Intros

Blues Guitar Turnaround Part Three

Country and Pop Sixths

Metal Rhythm Guitar Part 2

The Art Of The Blues Guitar Turnaround

Chicago Blues Lesson

Chromatic Approach Notes

Using the Phrygian Dominant Bebop Scale

Blues Guitar Turnarounds

Metal Rhythm Guitar

Advanced String Bending Part Two

Chicago Blues Guitar Lesson

Free Video Guide to Picking

String bending

Sweep Picking Technique Part 4

Blues Rumba

Beyond Power chords – Creative Rock Rhythm

Blues Guitar Comping

“This is just the sort of book/instruction I was hoping to find. I find the explanations to be thorough and in particular appreciate the examples of (available) songs to emphasize key points. I also greatly appreciate that, unlike many ebooks, sound files are available for further instruction”.

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