Play Guitar Like Jimmy Page

In this lesson, we are checking out three guitar licks in the style of the formidable guitar hero, Jimmy Page. To many, he is the ultimate rock guitar hero. His trademark Les Paul and the ability to write riff after riff, mixed with his swagger have inspired a generation of guitarists. Today we will look at four examples of what makes him so special.

Jimmy Page Guitar Example 1 – Add 9 Pentatonic Scale Lick

Jimmy page often adds the 2nd or 9th to his normal minor pentatonic scales. In this example, we see a lick based on C minor with the inclusion of the note D, adding in a new sound. The reason why this addition is so useful is that it doesn’t detract from the underlying chord. Players such as Dave Gilmour and Carlos Santana also use this scale shape to add a more melodic interest to their respective pentatonics.

Jimmy Page Guitar Example 2 – Technique

Speedy pentatonic runs are a must learn for all rock guitarists. This descending C minor pentatonic guitar lick primarily focuses on pull-offs. Getting these clean is the main objective. Start off slowly, using a metronome. Additionally, apply these to your CAGED shapes of your minor pentatonic, and any other scales you enjoy using. I included the bend to add a touch of subtle variety to the lick.

Jimmy Page Guitar Example 3 – Guitar Lick

A quintessential Led Zeppelin style rock lick here. Bar one uses the same add 9 pentatonic scale we have been focusing on. Then we move through various positions of the minor pentatonic with a combination of hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides. In bar four, we introduce the two-tone bend. Bending the note of  D# up to the note G. If you are struggling to get this bend in tune, I recommend picking the note you are trying to bend to, and then concentrating on  pushing the string hard enough up to reach it. Alternatively, try lighter gauge strings. Jimmy Page often used string gauges as low as 8 – 38.

Jimmy Page Guitar Example 4 – Scale Shape

Here is the C minor Penatonic scale with the addition of the 2nd/9th. Enjoy using this subtle variation in your own playing.

Recommended listening

For classic Jimmy Page style guitar licks, I recommend buying the album “Led Zeppelin 2.” My favourite track on that album being “Heartbreaker.”

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Guitar Lesson Video Transcription

Hey guys, Simon here once again for Fundamental Changes. Today we are looking at the Rock King Supremo, Jimmy Page. Let’s have a look at 3 of his ideas.

[guitar playing]

What I tried to demonstrate in Example 1 here today is Jimmy Page’s use of the pentatonic, but he also add in the 2nd. This is sometimes referred to as the pentatonic add2, pentatonic add9, maybe.

The scale shape itself will be included in the article in the tab, but if you’re interested in this, it’s 8-10-11 6th string, 8-10-8-10 going through the strings, 7-8-10, 8-11-8-10-11. What this does is very,very simple addition of 1 note across in 3 different places.

It gives you a really nice flavor. Guys like Jimmy Page, Gilmour, Santana, they all like this sound, and it gives it just a slightly new flavor to your pentatonics. Instead of just having your normal pentatonic runs, if you can just add in the note of the 2nd, it gives a new flavor. That was Example 1.

[guitar playing]

There’s nothing really, that beats fast pentatonic runs, and Jimmy Page is an absolute master of those. Today’s one is a descending C minor pentatonic run, and it’s triplets. You can count that triple it, triple it, or I tend to use elephant, elephant. You can use any 3 syllable words you like to help you with your counting on that.

You’re going to go elephant, elephant, elephant, elephant, etc, all the way through the strings. I added in a little bend in the middle of this lick, just to break it up. Often Page would just go all the way through the strings, but I wanted to make it a little bit more of a lick.

So, all the way through, nice big bend at the 10th fret of the 3rd string, coming through there all the way back down, and then we just end on 2 root notes there of the Cs. That’s descending minor pentatonic ideas. Also, make sure you try putting these through your 5 positions of the minor pentatonic, because then you can get more use out of it too, and running it up  ascending as well as descending, cool little pentatonic idea there.

[guitar playing]

Example 3 we just saw there, was the full lick in the style of. We’re still up around the C minor for these examples today. We start off with a very classic bend through the sequence. Once again, I’ve thrown in this add9, or 2nd of the scale, the pentatonic scale there, so you can see it in context. We then do a little pull-off, and we’re then going to move through a few different positions, hammer-ons and pull-offs that you’d like to do, then up around in the A minor shape up around the 15th fret here,  some bending, and then I did some 2-tone bends from the 16th fret, which we actually semi-licked at when we did the Gilmour lesson, but instead of bending 2 frets, you’re actually bending 4 frets.

If you’re struggling to know where that note is, here’s the 16th fret, you’re going to go 18-20. If you pick that first, before you do the bend, just get used to going pick, bend, pick, bend. It’s a very good way to bend that in tune, and it’s not easy if you’ve got heavier gauged strings. If you’re really, really struggling with that tune, lighten off the gauge. I’m using 9s here today to make my life a little bit easier to show you guys.

Okay, so that’s your lick in the style of. I really hope you got something from this, I’ll see you next time.

Hi everyone, thanks for watching this video on the legendary Jimmy Page. I really hope you got something from it. Please go and check out Joseph’s website Fundamental Changes, and have a look at my YouTube channel, SDPguitar for more free videos and tabs too.

Check it out. See you next time.