Books by Chris Brooks

Chris Brooks is a guitarist, educator and recording artist based in Sydney, Australia. What began as an obsession with 80s high octane lead guitar has, well, not changed at all. A former student of the Australian Institute of Music, Brooks exhibited an early penchant for guitar-driven music, whether it was the sideman shredding of Kee Marcello and Brett Garsed, or the solo-artist career paths of Vinnie Moore, Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen. The obligatory eight-hour practice sessions would be fuelled by lesson material from Hot Licks and REH videos as Brooks followed the trajectory to making his own guitar music and instructional content.

As founder of, Brooks has created popular guitar courses including Sweep Picking Systems for Arpeggios, Picking Systems for Pentatonic, and his most popular to date – The Yng Way, now available as a book entitled “Neoclassical Speed Strategies”, published by Fundamental Changes and available on Amazon. The Yng Way has been noted by many as a leading resource on the technique of Yngwie Malmsteen.