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Simon Pratt Guitar Teacher

Simon Pratt

Simon Pratt attended the Guitar Institute (now called the Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance) in London where he excelled in his Diploma of Popular music performance and graduated in 2005. His passion for funk music continued while studying privately with
top funk player and editor of Future publishing magazines Jason Sidwell.

Always keen to learn, Simon has attended workshops with the likes of Guthrie Govan, Jennifer Batten, Paul Gilbert, Mike Stern, Carl Verheyen
and Larry Carlton.

After graduating the Guitar Institute Simon became an RGT accredited teacher and set up a thriving teaching business from his home in
Guildford, Surrey. Teaching all styles, abilities and ages, Simon has taught students to a very high level having a fantastic student success
rate,(with students achieving grade 8 with distinction).

Keen to hone his production skills, Simon attended Alchemea College in London. This incredibly intensive course gave him all the necessary
skills for modern day studio sound engineering.

As well as teaching, Simon Pratt’s work includes being published in Total Guitar Magazine and more recently working for the online music
company Sample Magic, where he produces high-end guitar samples for producers worldwide.

Simon Pratt heads up the YouTube and G+ channels providing excellent video lessons for the site. He is currently working on the guitar book Passionate Pentatonics, due for release in 2015

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The great thing about the exercises is that there are enough of them…by that I mean than they lead you into more complex skills a step at a time. An analogy is when one is trying to learn a new piece, the idea is to break it down into smaller sections and then put the sections together. Alexander is a wizard at presenting meaningful bits that can be mastered and then built into something more complex.

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