Melodic Rock Soloing for Guitar
  • Master the Art of Melodic Rock Soloing with techniques like bends, hybrid-picking and more
  • Discover Complete Solo Studies so you can take your melodic rock guitar soloing to a whole new level
  • Go beyond learning techniques and discover how write and improvise your own solos from a song’s melody

Master the Art of Melodic Rock Soloing for Guitar

Do you know how to play a few chords and scales but want to take your guitar skills to a new level?
Have you tried learning from scale and theory books but don’t are struggling to apply the concepts you learn to your playing?
Are your solos falling flat and you need to know how to play all the slides, bends and licks rock guitar legends do so well?

Jam-Packed with examples, exercises, techniques and improvisation strategies, Melodic Rock Soloing for Guitar contains all the tools you need to develop exciting and creative melodic solos.

Here’s What You Get…

• Over 100 pages of Melodic Rock Mastery teaching inventive uses of melodic techniques like Bends, Legato, Hybrid-Picking, Single-String Scales, Dynamics, Vibrato and much more

Complete Solo Studies helping you build your own solo plus learn to improvise based on the melody of the song

• 172 Musical, Notated Examples that you can download for FREE to help you hear and feel the techniques you’re learning

• Free, Downloadable Backing Tracks so you can play and hear what you are learning in an Actual Musical Situation

Too much information on What to play, not enough on How to play it?!

There are so many books available that only talk about scales and theory, not how to apply these techniques to your playing.

Melodic Rock Soloing for Guitar is a practical, hands-on guide to making the most of your guitar solo.

The book is written in clear English and guides you through the most important melodic techniques on the guitar. You get your hands dirty; fast!

Starting from the five main fretting-hand techniques used when playing lead guitar and how to phrase your lines beautifully, you learn step-by-step what you need to know to solo with the techniques, build your own solos and take your melodic rock guitar soloing to a whole new level.

Reviews for Book include:
  • The techniques learned this book give the player an abundant arsenal of guitar savvy to make a simple pentatonic run sound so much richer than just running a scale. I'm impressed with how Simon builds a player's skill set by adding new techniques with short licks used to demo each of them. He goes on to give the player insight on how to build your own solos which are inspired by the melodic line of the song.
  • One of the best studies I've come across. Great learning and improvement tool for melody and phrasing that has helped me improve my soloing.
  • I have noticed improvement in both my technique and improvisational skills already. The book starts out with core soloing techniques like slides, bends, and legato and gives an in depth guide to maximising these techniques. I have been working on string skipped slides and they have added a new sound into my solos.
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