The Complete Country Guitar Method Compilation
Master the Language of the Greatest Country Guitar Players
  • Three Best-Selling Country Guitar Books in One Complete Volume
  • A masterclass of every important country guitar technique
  • The Perfect Resource for Any Country Guitar Player

The Perfect Resource for Any Country Guitar Player

Three Best-Selling Country Guitar Books in One Complete Volume

  • • Discover every essential country guitar chord
  • • Master country guitar techniques like banjo Rolls and hybrid Picking
  • • Learn and apply over 100 country guitar licks
  • • Play exciting country guitar solos with authentic backing tracks
  • • Discover every important country guitar scale and The CAGED System,
  • • Master bends, slides, picking, legato, and much more…


The Complete Country Guitar Method Compilation is a collection of three best-selling books that teach the essential skills, techniques and theory required to move from absolute basics to astonishing country guitar solos.

Here’s What You Get:

  • • Three best-selling books in one!
  • • 278 pages of traditional and cutting-edge country guitar essentials
  • • Over 400 Notated Audio Examples so you can hear and feel how to play guitar
  • • A complete breakdown and masterclass of every important country guitar technique
  • • 100 authentic “in the style of” country guitar licks


You’ll be a country guitar picking pro in no time.

With 278 jam-packed pages and 400 notated audio examples, this is the most comprehensible guide to country guitar playing; ever.

Book 1: Country Guitar for Beginners

Have you tried to play country guitar but don’t feel like you’ve learnt more than a few chords and cliché licks?

This book covers the essential country chord voicings found in everything from cowboy ballads to western swing. There are plenty of country guitar secrets thrown in too so you’ll need to pay attention! Once you’ve learnt these voicings, you will apply them by playing real country rhythm guitar.

Next, you’ll move on to develop a full range of scales, arpeggios and soloing approaches that can be applied to country music. Mastering these skills will free your mind from thinking too much about the neck while playing, as well as preparing your fingers for the more technically demanding aspects of country guitar like banjo rolls and open string ideas.

Book 2: Country Guitar Soloing Techniques:

Have you ever wondered how great country guitarists effortlessly outline the chord sequences in their solos and never break a sweat?

Country Guitar Soloing Techniques takes you on a journey of discovery that teaches you authentic country guitar soloing using the actual techniques of the masters.

With over 180 notated audio examples, every essential technique, scale and approach is dissected and developed into musical licks and exciting, flamboyant solos.

From simple scales, to triads and chromatic approach notes, the harmonic and theoretical aspects of soloing are broken down and rebuilt effortlessly into articulate solo lines that sound incredible.

You’ll discover triads, Pentatonic scales, open string licks, hybrid-picking, banjo rolls, slurs and chromatic ideas that will quickly propel you to country guitar soloing greatness.

Book 3: Country Guitar Heroes: 100 Licks for Country Guitar:

100 Country Licks for Guitar goes way beyond every other lick book available. It is not simply a cold list of licks, it’s a complete guitar method for country guitar that teaches you how to learn and internalize the language of the country guitar masters into your everyday playing.

The style and language of the 20 most genre-defining country guitar players are discussed and analyzed, and 5 defining, “in the style of” guitar licks are given for each player.

Albert Lee | Brad Paisley | Brent Mason | Buck Owens/Don Rich | Chet Atkins | Danny Gatton | Eldon Shamblin | Glen Campbell | Hank Garland | James Burton | Jerry Donahue | Jerry Reed | Jimmy Bryant | Johnny Hiland | Keith Urban | Redd Volkaert | Roy Nichols | Steve Wariner | Vince Gill | Whit Smith

In addition to learning their essential country guitar language, you will also learn how to easily incorporate their country guitar licks into your playing.

You can’t afford to miss this incredible country guitar resource.

What are you waiting for?


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