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The most popular and highest rated guitar books available. Over 2000, 5* reviews on Amazon

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Finger Dexterity – Video Guitar Lesson

Finger Dexterity For Guitar In the course of this three part mini-series, I am going to give you ways in which to create your perfect guitar warm up regime. Over the course of my teaching and playing career I started to realise that certain days, I could play at the top of my ability fairly quickly, but…

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Advanced String Bending

Playing with Expression Part 7 – Multiple pitch Bending By Rob Thorpe In part two of our series on playing with more expression we looked at incorporating string bending into melodies. This week we’re returning to that subject to develop some more advanced string bending ideas. Normally we’d fret a note and bend up a…

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Sight Reading – Reading Full Chords

Sight Reading Part 9 – Reading Full Chords By Rob Thorpe After exploring a couple of different reading situations, we’re returning to focus on reading chords. This is usually the most difficult and feared part of reading notation amongst guitarists. The problem is twofold: Firstly, we’re making more work by having to recognise several pitches…

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I was amazed at how every page of each book offers something to learn. Even stuff I already knew is explained in a clearer way which makes it easier to use and memorize. Every guitarist / teacher will benefit from owning these great books and they won’t cost you a fortune

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