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Beyond Rhythm Guitar
Chicago Blues Guitar Method Book
Country Guitar for Beginners
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Mr Sandman Melody Guitar

Mr Sandman Melody Guitar   This guitar lesson teaches you the Mr Sandman melody guitar part by Chet Atkins. Check out lessons one and two in this series to get you up to speed.  Now you’ve got to grips with the chord progression, and the thumb picking technique, it’s time to add the icing on…

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Sight Reading Sharps and Flats on Bass

Sight Reading Sharps and Flats on Bass Understanding Sharps and flats on bass is the next stopping point on your journey to reading music on bass guitar. First, make sure you are ok with part one of this series before moving on. Most, but not all of the notes on the stave have an extra…

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Sight Reading on Bass Guitar

Sight Reading on Bass Guitar – Master it now! Sight reading on Bass Guitar is a challenging topic. When we read a word on paper, our brain is recognising a pattern and attaching meaning to it. This is the process you began learning when you were a few years old. To master sight reading on…

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I was waiting for a book like this one. It is very easy to follow with clear and concise concepts.
References to famous songs allow you to understand how the theory is applied in real life. Audio tracks are excellent too.
Thanks for this book.

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