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Hybrid Picking Part 2

Hybrid Picking Part 2 By Rob Thorpe Welcome back to our series on hybrid picking! In part one we looked at using the fingers and pick to play chords and some basic banjo rolls. For this installment we will be taking on ideas that might otherwise be played with straight alternate picking, but are made…

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Sight Reading on Guitar – Part 1

Sight Reading on Guitar Part 1 By Rob Thorpe Have you ever been faced with sheet music littered with dense notated chords and been asked to play from it, only to freeze up and have to start deciphering it note by note? Reading is a prickly subject for guitarists. The task is made more difficult…

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Hybrid Picking – Part 1

Hybrid Picking – Part 1 By Rob Thorpe Grab your pick, but keep the fingers at the ready! Hybrid picking is the use of the picking hand fingers to pluck the strings as in fingerstyle playing, but in combination with a pick. The basic idea is to pick as normal, holding the plectrum between thumb…

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Blues Guitar In Open A Tuning

Open A Tuning For Blues & Rock Guitar (5) John Lee Hooker (2) In this lesson we continue our exploration of Blues guitar in Open A tuning and the style of John Lee Hooker. Together with the riffs from the last lesson you have the building blocks to play countless of the older John Lee Hooker…

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Since purchasing Joseph’s Book 1 of the Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar, I’ve gained a much deeper understanding of the options available to me when playing the blues. He writes clearly and methodically, giving just enough information on each topic so that I can confidently integrate new techniques and expand my playing knowledge.

The book provides alternative approaches to each method to drive home the idea that you the player should experiment and find what works best in different situations based on your preference. Clear explanations of different chord voicings and rhythm options have really opened up the palette of sounds to choose from, and I look forward to continuing the series.

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