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Prince Guitar Riffs – Video Guitar Lesson

 Funky Prince Guitar Riffs Prince! The man, the artist, the legend. In today’s lesson, I wanted to look at some of Prince’s most iconic guitar riffs. From funk to rock, psychedelia to jazz, Prince owned both stage and studio performances. Let’s celebrate a real musical genius by letting his music live on.  Example 1 – Kiss Intro As…

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Lead Guitar Fills- Video Guitar Lesson

 Lead Guitar Fills One of the most common things I come across when teaching is the phrase “I just freeze, and I don’t know what to play”. This is commonly associated with jam sessions and trying out new guitars and pedals at the local music store. My favourite technique for combating this is using lead…

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Melodic Rock Guitar Licks – Video Guitar Lesson

Melodic Rock Guitar Licks In today’s lesson, I am going to show you three melodic rock licks from the final solo of the brand new book Melodic Rock Soloing For Guitar. The licks shown today are in the key of B minor and use the B Blues Scale (B D E F F#A) and the B…

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I love your books and am making impressive progress with them. I have never had a clearer understanding of playing guitar, ever.


Calvin Schaeffer

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