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Jazz Guitar Voicings and Inversions

Jazz Guitar Voicings and Inversions The phrase ‘ Chord Voicings ‘ refers to the way the notes of a chord are arranged, both in musical notation and on our instrument. In Part One, I pointed out that a ‘7th’ chord contains four notes; the root, third, fifth and 7th of the parent scale. The easiest…

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Funk Guitar Chords: Techniques

Funk Guitar Chords: Techniques One of the defining features of funk music is that the harmony of a tune is often quite static. There may only be one or two chords in a whole song. The story goes that when James Brown interviewed the guitarist Jimmy Nolan, Jimmy was asked, ‘Can you play an E9…

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Chord Voicings and Extensions for Guitar

Rootless Chord Voicings and Extensions for Guitar This lesson on Chord Voicings is taken from voice leading jazz guitar. As I mentioned in the introduction, it is rarely necessary to play the root of the chord and often other intervals can be omitted too. The theory behind omitting notes is often taught academically and rigidly,…

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Since purchasing Joseph’s Book 1 of the Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar, I’ve gained a much deeper understanding of the options available to me when playing the blues. He writes clearly and methodically, giving just enough information on each topic so that I can confidently integrate new techniques and expand my playing knowledge.

The book provides alternative approaches to each method to drive home the idea that you the player should experiment and find what works best in different situations based on your preference. Clear explanations of different chord voicings and rhythm options have really opened up the palette of sounds to choose from, and I look forward to continuing the series.

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