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Country Guitar for Beginners
sight reading for guitar
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Fun First Tunes for New Guitar Players

Fun First Tunes for New Guitar Players So, you have decided to pick up the guitar? Oh, what an exciting time for new guitar players, exploring all of the fun songs you’ve heard all your life, but now you’re the one making the music. Congratulations! First off, you’ll want to put together a list of…

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Country Guitar Sting Bending

Country Guitar String Bending Bending strings is a huge part of country guitar soloing, and is a sound you’ll hear used to great effect by almost all legendary players. One of the most common uses for bending strings is the imitation of pedal steel guitar, a major influence on the sound of country guitar. This…

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Major Pentatonic Drills and Exercises

 Major Pentatonic Drills This lesson is an extract taken from my brand new book Soloing School: Beginner Lead Guitar Method.  Use these A Major Pentatonic drills over the A Major backing track below. The Major Pentatonic scale sounds happier than its minor counterpart and is synonymous with country, blues and rock, although it is very…

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Buy Joseph’s books. There are the best I’ve ever read for guitar instruction. I’ve learned more in just one book in the past 8 months than I had in years in other books and websites. He is good in all phases but I enjoy the way he teaches the Caged Method. It’s just easier Joseph’s way.

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