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The most popular and highest-rated guitar books available. Over 3500, 5* reviews on Amazon…


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Intermediate Classical Pieces for Guitar web
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First Steps Classical Piano web
Martin Taylor Beyond Chord Melody Guitar web
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Ultimate Shred Machine Front Cover Web
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Learn Tapping with Chris Zoupa

Learn Tapping with Chris Zoupa Since its popularisation by Eddie Van Halen in the 1980s, the introduction of finger tapping (sometimes referred to by dorks and squares as “right handed hammer ons”) has really changed the way we think about the instrument. A once large fretting hand stretch or impossible position shift can be easily…

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Learn Legato with Chris Zoupa

Learn Legato with Chris Zoupa It’s easy to be seduced into the temptation of constantly shredding every note at lightning speed, however it’s important not to discount the subtle beauty that comes from a smooth legato sequence. If you’re able to drift between a smooth legato technique AND lightning shred, you’ll be a more versatile…

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Rhythmic Subdivisions on bass

Improve Your Bass Groove – Learn to Play Subdivisions – Video Lesson In this video lesson I’ll teach you how you can use subdivisions on bass to achieve amazing timing on any bass groove by sub-dividing beats into two, three and four. I’ll also demonstrate bass groovesthat use each of these sub-divisions. If you want to…

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I love your books and am making impressive progress with them. I have never had a clearer understanding of playing guitar, ever.


Calvin Schaeffer

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