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Latest Guitar Lessons

Brock Davisson Blues Guitar Transcription

Brock Davisson Transcription Since we put out a link to Brock Davisson’s amazing playing things have been happening quickly for him! He recently broke into the Billboard Blues chart at #15 which is fantastic news for the whole world of guitarists. We thought it’d be fun to ask Levi Clay to transcribe a couple of chorus…

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Introduction to Country Guitar Lesson One

Introduction to Country Rhythm Guitar Country music is all about storytelling, with the singer’s tales of love, heartache and bar stool sorrow at the focal point. As such, the harmonic content is usually kept pretty simple, and the majority of country songs feature standard issue major and minor chords, and most songs in the canon…

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Prince Guitar Riffs – Video Guitar Lesson

 Funky Prince Guitar Riffs Prince! The man, the artist, the legend. In today’s lesson, I wanted to look at some of Prince’s most iconic guitar riffs. From funk to rock, psychedelia to jazz, Prince owned both stage and studio performances. Let’s celebrate a real musical genius by letting his music live on.  Example 1 – Kiss Intro As…

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