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Learn the CAGED System for Guitar
audio downloads for the jazz guitar soloing compilation
Chord Tone Soloing for Jazz Guitar
Guitar Fretboard Fluency
Jazz Blues Soloing for Guitar
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Latest Guitar Lessons

Advanced Legato for Metal

Advanced Legato Licks This advanced legato lesson is an extract from Progressive Metal Guitar, which develops the core metal techniques, as well as all other topics such as riff-writing and unusual scales. By Rob Thorpe One of the biggest challenges with any legato technique is keeping unwanted string noise to a minimum so be strict…

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Exotic Pentatonic Scales: Kumoi

Exotic Pentatonic Scales: Kumoi By Rob Thorpe This free Exotic pentatonic scales lesson is an extract from my new book Progressive Metal Guitar, which covers several exotic pentatonic scales and unusual scales as well as many other topics to develop all aspects of your metal guitar playing. Although we tend to think of the Pentatonic…

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The Basics of Minor ii V Soloing for Jazz Guitar

The Basics of Minor ii V Soloing When learning Minor ii V Soloing for guitar, a big mistake many guitarists make is to approach bebop improvisation from the basis of scalic playing. The early jazz language developed on marching instruments such as trumpets, trombones and clarinets. These instruments are extremely adept at playing fast musical…

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I was amazed at how every page of each book offers something to learn. Even stuff I already knew is explained in a clearer way which makes it easier to use and memorize. Every guitarist / teacher will benefit from owning these great books and they won’t cost you a fortune

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