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Latest Guitar Lessons

Slap Bass Video Lesson

How to Play Slap Bass Slap bass is a technique difficult to describe in words, so we made this video to accompany the slapping chapter of our book Bass Technique Finger Gym.     Although one could write a whole book on the topic of slapping alone, this video is a quick way to get…

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Country Chord Changes

Outlining Country Chord Changes One of the most exciting aspects of high level country guitar players is their effortless ability to move around the neck while outlining country chord changes. This isn’t actually that hard a thing to develop, you need to just keep a focus on harmony at all times when developing your fretboard…

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Hybrid Picking

Hybrid Picking One of the more demanding techniques favoured by high level country players is the use of hybrid picking, and banjo rolls. Hybrid picking refers to the use of picking hand fingers to pluck strings, resulting in a hybrid combination of pick playing, and fingerstyle. I’ve filmed a video with multiple camera angles so…

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Will be ordering a couple more courses in the near future. I have a lot of guitar books and these are some of the best I have seen thus far. Thanks!

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