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Get Published by a Fast-Growing, Fair and Friendly Publisher

Are you a musical author looking to get published by an exciting, dynamic and growing brand with some of the best royalties in the business?

Fundamental Changes sold over 26,000 paperbacks, and over 25,000 eBooks last year, and we are looking to grow by taking on new writers.

image of Fingerstyle Blues Guitar Soloing We are actively looking for writers to publish, no matter what instrument or style you are writing for. So far, Fundamental Changes have published over thirty books for musicians, mainly for guitarists and are one of the best-selling brands on Amazon.

Fundamental Changes are looking for writers of musical instruction books for any instrument, Piano, Bass, Saxophone, Drums or Strings etc. to help build our brand and to help new writers get published.

There are no upfront costs to you, and all profits are split 60/40 between the author and publisher. While an old-school publishing house may give you around 8%-15% of the cover price of your book, we manage to get you over 35% for a PDF sale and around 25% for a traditional Paperback or eBook sale, depending on format. Royalties are paid every two months.

We have excellent links with MusicSales, one of the biggest music education distributions companies in the world so we can actually get your book into stores and listed by Water Stones and other high street bookstores. However, it must be said that these days 90% of our sales come from Amazon as you might expect.

Learn ii V I Soloing for Jazz Guitar

Fundamental Changes aims to be different from traditional publishers by creating a communal, collaborative atmosphere where ideas are freely exchanged and everyone is supported. Because we share the profits equally, everyone is just as invested in making your book a success.

What we give you:

  • Recognised branding
  • Access to Amazon Kindle and iBooks
  • Paperback production
  • Covers
  • Proof Reading
  • Translation if required (translation costs are split between author and publisher)
  • UK and European distribution to Bricks and Mortar Stores (depending on acceptance from distributor)
  • Access to our 14,000-strong mailing list of previous customers
  • Hosting for Audio Downloads
  • Product Store Front and web traffic of 1000 musicians a day, plus access to Amazon’s marketing machine.

Get Published: What you give us:

  • A manuscript or idea you want to get published
  • Recorded audio examples to go along with the notation in your book (or we can record them for you

Bass Front Cover web

Get in Touch!

We are happy to discuss any questions with you and put you in touch with our other authors so you can get a good feel for the experience of publishing your music instruction guide.

So far, everyone is having a great experience and you could be the next writer to make waves in your chosen educational field.

We don’t charge any upfront fees and provide flexible, negotiable contracts.

This guy really knows how to write an instruction book that is actually useful. After buying a few titles on Amazon and being disappointed, Joseph’s books have been by far the most useful (at this time I have three of his books).

Amazon Buyer