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Fun First Tunes for New Guitar Players

So, you have decided to pick up the guitar? Oh, what an exciting time for new guitar players, exploring all of the fun songs you’ve heard all your life, but now you’re the one making the music. Congratulations! First off, you’ll want to put together a list of songs to learn, and your best bet is to pick songs you’ll have fun learning and playing. We’ve done the work for you and put together our favorite fun first tunes from a selection of classic rock and roll songs and even better you probably already know the lyrics.

This list is composed of songs that use many basic guitar chords guide and rhythms which will provide a great foundation from which to build and strengthen your guitar studies. However, before you start, make sure you have chosen a good guitar for yourself. Indeed, this is also especially true if you are helping your child learn to play some simple tunes too.

Sting Bending

Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

“Brown Eyed Girl” was written and first recorded by Northern Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison in March 1967. This catchy, fun tune requires only five chords to get started: D D7 G C Em. This song hit the #10 position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1967 and remains a favorite song on classic rock stations today.

Stand by Me by Ben E. King

“Stand by Me” was originally performed by singer-songwriter Ben E. King in 1960. The song was written by King, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. Just about everyone know this tune, which was re-released in 1986 was the film of the same name. Ben E. King’s version hit a peak position of #4 in 1961 and #9 in 1986 on the Billboard Top 100 chart. This song requires just four chords: D E A F#m.

La Bamba by Ritchie Valens

Originally, “La Bamba” was a Mexican folk song, which Ritchie Valens adapted into a timeless classic in 1958. Ritchie Valens popularized the song which hit the Top 40 charts in the U.S. and is considered one of rock and roll’s best known songs. This is a must in your repertoire and is actually a very fun and easy song to learn. It requires you to know just three chords: G C F.

My Girl by The Temptations

“My Girl” was released in 1964 and reach #1 on the Hot 100 chart. It was The Temptations first number-one single. This song is played in the key of C and the chords you’ll need to learn are: C Dm F G.

All of these favorites are fun and easy to learn, especially on guitar. Learn the chords and progressions and find someone to sing and the music (and fun) will really come alive. Lastly, build a song repertoire. The more you practice and learn these tunes, the more fun you’ll have and the more fun you’ll share. These first songs are just the beginning of your journey learning guitar and I hope that it motivates you to continue your study.

Joseph Alexander, guitarist & guitar teacher - Fundamental Changes for guitar

Author - Joseph Alexander

Joseph Alexander has been a guitarist and expert music tutor for over 20 years. His tuition books are published in four languages and have sold over 200,000 copies to widespread critical acclaim. He is currently writing and publishing cutting edge-material that breaks down the barriers between learning and playing the guitar. As well as a…

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