The Melodic Minor Cookbook
The Melodic Minor Cookbook
  • Melodic Minor Modes
  • Essential Licks Theory and Chords
  • Advanced Modal Sounds

Master Melodic Minor Modes

The Melodic Minor Cookbook is a hands-on, practical guide to soloing with all seven modes of the Melodic Minor Scale. Easily add Fusion Guitar sounds to your existing Rock Guitar playing

Scales, Essential Licks Theory and Chords

The Melodic Minor Cookbook gets you using the melodic minor scale (and its modes) immediately and teaches you it theory through application of lines and phrases that highlight the best qualities of each mode.

Advanced Modal Sounds for Rock Guitarists

The Melodic Minor Cookbook doesn’t blind you with science. It is designed to help you incorporate accessible fusion language into your existing guitar vocabulary. The most important ‘hit-points’ of each mode are given so you can learn to internalise their language naturally into your playing.

The Complete Melodic Minor Package for Guitar

This complete package contains multiple chord and scale diagrams for guitar, Licks for each position of every mode and complete solo studies with backing tracks for you to master the Melodic Minor Scale and its Modes.

The Melodic Minor Cook Book Includes

• Scale Diagrams for every Melodic Minor Mode

• Licks based around the ‘sweet spot’ of each scale

• Hundreds of Examples in Standard Notation and Tab

• Audio Examples and Backing tracks to download for Free

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