The Complete Guide to Perfect Bass Technique
The Bass Technique Finger Gym
  • Proven technical exercises to supercharge your progress
  • Turn technique into licks with essential lick-building exercises
  • Learn to build speed, slap and pop

Master Perfect Bass Technique and Increase Flexibility and Strength

  • • An essential guide to developing finger strength, flexibility and co-ordination on bass
  • • Proven techniques help you to play better bass for longer
  • • Increase your dexterity through a series of structured exercises
  • • Build endurance and stamina on bass
  • • Contains mini lick-builders, bass scale patterns and arpeggios
  • • Advice on how to build up your speed and accuracy
  • • Contains warm-up regimes you will use for years to come


The Bass Technique Finger Gym

  • • Would you like to be able to play with greater accuracy on bass, without getting tired?
  • • Want to learn how to overcome the barriers to bass technique every player comes across?
  • • Would you like to build bass speed and fluency through a set of simple-to-follow exercises?


The Bass Technique Finger Gym is the bass guitar version of the bestselling Guitar Finger Gym, packed with a whole new collection of effective exercises to improve technique and performance. Regardless of the genre of music you play, all guitarists encounter the same technical challenges and pain points. The warm-up regimes in this book will help you to overcome those barriers. Exercises focus on:

  • • Speed and dexterity
  • • Co-ordination and control
  • • Strength and flexibility
  • • Scale sequences, arpeggios and patters
  • • A complete bass workout that covers each finger whilst teaching good technique


Here’s What You Get:

  • • Over 100 warm-up patterns that are also melodic and useful as licks
  • • Standard notation and tab
  • • Different length warm-up regimes provided
  • • An appendix with essential scales and arpeggios
  • • FREE audio examples to download
  • • In-depth playing advice and guidance for each exercise, from fingering to playing positions


The Foundation for a Lifetime of Playing

The Bass Technique Finger Gym is a resource that will set you up for life. Most musicians who play a lot experience pains and niggles. Much of this stems from either faulty technique, a lack of warm-up, or both. In this book author Simon Pratt teaches precise technique, while passing on dozens of useful exercises that will help to prevent injury.

In addition, this book contains the original composition Funky Monkey, which brings together all of the bass techniques in the book in a funky bass workout.

Hear it!

The Bass Technique Finger Gym contains over 100 supporting audio examples, so you can hear exactly how each exercise should sound.

Buy it now to begin honing your technique and building flexibility and stamina.

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