country guitar for beginners
Master Country Guitar for Beginners
  • Discover a Complete Method to Learn Traditional and Modern Country Guitar Playing
  • Master Chord Playing and Rhythm Guitar Skills & play like the great country music guitarists
  • Develop a full range of Scales, Arpeggios and Soloing Approaches to create your own country music licks and riffs

Master Traditional and Modern Country Guitar Playing

Have you tried playing country guitar but don’t feel like you’ve done more than learn a few chords and cliché licks?
Do you find yourself thinking so much about the neck of the guitar that you can’t get in the groove of the music?
Do you dream of playing solos like legendary guitarists Roy Nichols, James Burton, Luther Perkins and Eldon Shamblin?

Country Guitar for Beginners is a complete guide to help beginners master elements of the country genre. Split into two sections, this book is designed to develop chord playing, rhythm guitar skills and lead guitar solos.

Here’s What You Get…

• A complete guide to Country Music for Beginners so you learn how to play chords, rhythm and lead solos like the greats

• Over 100 pages of Chord Diagrams, Exercises, Tips, Soloing Ideas and more so you learn to play like your favorite country guitarists

• Over 170 audio examples and 3 backing tracks you can download for free to make the music come alive and help you practice your new country guitar skills

• Learn basic and advanced techniques like how to flat pick and thumb pick, embellish rhythm parts with typical double stop riffs, scales in multiple keys, using triads as soloing guides, bending ideas, diatonic intervals and more


Country Guitar for Beginners is split into two sections: Chords and Rhythm Guitar & Scales, Arpeggios and Lead Guitar.

Part One: Chords and Rhythm Guitar revisits the essential chord voicings found in everything from cowboy ballads to western swing.

There are plenty of country guitar secrets thrown in too… so you’ll need to pay attention! Once you’ve refreshed these voicings, you will look at the many ways they’re used in real country rhythm guitar.
Part Two: Scales, Arpeggios and Lead Guitar will help you develop a full range of scales, arpeggios and soloing approaches that can be applied to country music.
Mastering the skills in this section will free your mind from thinking too much about the neck when playing, as well as preparing your fingers for the more technically demanding aspects of country guitar like banjo rolls and open string ideas.


While your ultimate goal may be to become the next Danny Gatton or Johnny Hiland, never lose sight of the roots. County Guitar for Beginners will help you build the foundations of rhythm guitar you need plus begin to solo like your favorite country guitarists.
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  • This is fantastic guide to learning country guitar. Top quality. Highly recommend.
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  • This book is a PERFECT introduction to the Guitar, regardless of the style you want to play. If you want an ideal start to playing the guitar, then you simply have to buy this book!

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country guitar for beginners