Master the art of blues guitar solos with The Complete Guide to Blues Guitar Phrasing
  • Master Blues Phrasing so your blues guitar solos sound like the pros
  • Learn how to Build Original Licks so you can write and improvise your own
  • Discover how to Write Your Own Solos so your music has a unique sound

Easily Master Melodic Phrasing in Your Guitar Solos

Whether you’re carefully composing or improvising on stage, do your blues guitar solos sound professional, musical and like your own music?

Or are you merely copying what others have played before?

When you are consistently unhappy with how your solo turned out in the show, you know that ‘just feeling it’ is no longer an acceptable explanation of musical ability.

What you need are practical skills that you can apply whether you’re writing or playing in the moment… A top-notch solo that sounds like music you wrote, not a copy of someone else’s song.

Develop those skills with The Complete Guide To Blue Guitar Phrasing: Book 2 Melodic Phrasing, which breaks down melodic feel and phrasing into learnable skills so you sound like a blues master.

Here’s what you get…

The most detailed, structured method to develop your own unique voice on the guitar.

Whether as part of the Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar Series, or as a stand-alone work, Melodic Phrasing takes you on a journey through every aspect of musical phrasing that you can apply to your playing.

We all have the same 12 notes… Now you’ll discover what you can do with them.

It’s how and when we play them that sets the masters apart from the amateurs. We all know it’s important to learn the licks and vocabulary of the musicians who we wish to emulate, but in order to develop a unique voice we must learn how to phrase our lines in a personal way. Melodic Phrasing teaches you hundreds of ways to treat even simple lines to make the music your own.

Learn to control rhythm and phrasing, and open your mind to infinite new musical possibilities.

Melodic Phrasing challenges our perception of what blues soloing is. No longer will you be ‘chasing licks’ around the fretboard; struggling because you couldn’t quite execute or remember the line you were reaching for.

In this book you will learn how to develop and control fundamental rhythmic fragments to create and drive your solo forward. By focusing on rhythm and phrasing, and by learning to combine and develop these rhythmic building blocks, the melodies will take care of themselves.

This is a natural, organic approach to developing your guitar soloing where you learn to truly improvise and break away from the prison of ‘lick playing’ or just ‘exploring’ the minor pentatonic scale.

PLUS The Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar: Melodic Phrasing Contains:

• Over 160 examples with free audio to download so you can listen and play along

• Standard Notation and Tab to help you understand what you’re playing

• The most in-depth lessons on rhythm and phrasing available to help you master the blues solo

Melodic Phrasing will change the way you approach the guitar.

After working through this book you will never ‘run out of licks’ again; you will be able to create interesting, emotive, musical phrases whenever you want, and keep the audience coming back for more.

Hundreds of Reviews for each Book include:
  • Among the things I like most about these books is that they're laid out not like lessons, but more like practice routines. The emphasis is on getting the ideas into your fingers and ears, not just your head. A very refreshing approach. I look forward to the next one.
  • If you are looking to go deeper than surface level with the blues and start gaining some understanding of what goes on within the melodic inter-weavings this is for you! I love Joseph Alexander's books... he is a great resource for anyone interested in the guitar.
  • I like how Joseph explains the material and breaks down the exercises. The Call & Response practice in this and his other books have helped my playing tremendously!
  • This book offers practical information that can be immediately put to use. The notation, text and sound clips make it easy to assimilate the licks. In a world full of mediocre instructional offerings for musicians, this series stands out.
  • Introducing the types of concepts in this book to a developing guitarist creates an awareness that has a profound effect on the musician as a whole, teaching the importance of timing and placement which automatically lends to a more conscious player/composer.
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