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Andi Saitenhieb , guitarist & guitar teacher - Fundamental Changes for guitar

Andi Saitenhieb

Andi Saitenhieb is a professional guitarist, singer and a highly respected and much sought after guitar teacher from Germany. He has over a decade of teaching experience and has taught hundreds of musicians over the years both privately and within countless workshops. Andi specializes in old school blues: Delta and Country Blues on acoustic guitar and Chicago Blues on electric guitar and he is no stranger to Classic Rock and Swing either.

Additional to his regular music lessons Andi gives many guitar workshops at music schools, music shops and blues festivals.

Andi is available for lessons, lessons via Skype, workshops and concerts (in English or German). If you really want to improve your musical ability on the guitar, please contact him at

Greatest strength

Andi’s students say that  his greatest strengths are:

  • His ability to break up even the most complex musical tasks into small bite-size pieces and teach them logically, step by step.
  • Andi meets his students at their current level and helps them to define and reach their musical goals.
  • Everybody learns in different ways and Andi doesn’t have a run-of-the-mill teaching method, but adapts his teaching style to each individual student and gears each lesson towards the student’s needs and particular way of learning.
  • His enthusiasm for Blues, guitar and teaching is very infectious.


  • Jazz guitar study at the prestigious MGI (the German version of LA’s GIT and California’s MI). Andi learned in person from such jazz legends as Phillippe Caillat and Michael Sagmeister.
  • Andi’s band was featured on German public broadcast television and on numerous radio stations and won Germany’s “Deutscher Rock & Pop Preis”.
  • Andi recorded and / or shared the stage with Little Toby Walker (American blues legend, NY Blues Hall Of Fame inductee), Steve James (American blues legend), Marcel Römer (drummer for German hit band Juli), TM Stevens (bass player for funk & soul legend James Brown), Paul Gilbert (guitarist for Racer X and Mr. Big).
  • Andi played concerts and gave workshops all over Germany.


  • Andi’s first book ‘Garantiert Bluesgitarre lernen’ was published by Alfred Music Publishing in May 2012. It is a No. 1 seller on (category guitar books) and was Germany’s best-selling blues guitar book in 2013. ‘Garantiert Bluesgitarre lernen’ got raving reviews from readers and professional journals alike.
  • The follow-up “Garantiert Akustik Bluesgitarre lernen” is in the proof-reading process right now and will be published soon, again by Alfred.
  • Among others Andi also writes Blues guitar workshops for Germany’s biggest selling music mag ‘Gitarre & Bass’.
  • Currently Andi works on his first real solo CD, where he plays all the instruments and writes all the songs and lyrics. Andi’s song ‘Total tierisch’ was featured on the CD ‘Blues News Vol. 8’, a sampler published by Germany’s great Blues magazine ‘Blues News’.

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“This is just the sort of book/instruction I was hoping to find. I find the explanations to be thorough and in particular appreciate the examples of (available) songs to emphasize key points. I also greatly appreciate that, unlike many ebooks, sound files are available for further instruction”.

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