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Make Guitar Licks Smooth and Musical

Descending Basslines on Guitar

Single String Soloing for Guitar

Major Pentatonic Licks for Guitar

Harmonising the Major Scale

How to Accurately Name Chords

1 Simple Guitar Exercise That Will Transform Your Chord Playing Today

How to Hold a Guitar Pick

Slide Guitar Licks

Rhythmic Displacement for Blues Guitar

Odd Time Signatures – The Basics of Complex Time

Modern Guitar Theory in Practice

What is the CAGED System and Why Do We Use It?

How to Develop Strong Vibrato in All Fingers

How to get the most from your guitar practice, (and stop wasting your time)

The Bebop Scale: An Introduction

How to Bend in Tune

Essential 16th Note Scale Patterns

Blues Turnarounds

Learn the New Jimi Hendrix Song Somewhere on Guitar with this Transcription

How to Use 4 Note Groupings, (Coltrane Tetrachords), to Spice up your Solo

How to Strum Rhythms on Guitar

Improving Your Rhythm and Time

10 Steps to Master Alternate Picking Technique

Triads Over Bass Notes – An Explanation

Learn Scales in Diatonic Intervals to Increase Your Melodic Soloing

How to Play Jazz Rhythm Guitar: Comping Major ii V I’s

4 Easy Ways to Expand Your Jazz Guitar Chord Textures Today

Combining Arpeggios with the Bebop Scale

3 Secret Plectrum Techniques The Pros Use

How to Really Learn Guitar Licks like you Learned to Speak

Exclusive Subscribers’ – Displacement

I was waiting for a book like this one. It is very easy to follow with clear and concise concepts.
References to famous songs allow you to understand how the theory is applied in real life. Audio tracks are excellent too.
Thanks for this book.

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