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All lessons

Target Chord I in Blues Guitar

Chord Extensions to Dominant 7 Chords

Chord Tones: Targeting Blues Guitar

Advanced Legato for Metal

Exotic Pentatonic Scales: Kumoi

Major Slash Chords – Video Guitar Lesson

The Basics of Minor ii V Soloing for Jazz Guitar

Hitting the Changes by Connecting Minor ii V Arpeggios

DADGAD Cascading Scales

DADGAD Tuning Open Chords

DADGAD Natural Harmonics – Video Guitar Lesson

How To Tune To DADGAD – Video Guitar Lesson

Jazz Guitar Chord Tone Soloing

The b9 Diminished Substitution in Jazz Guitar Soloing

Jazz Guitar Extended Arpeggios Soloing

Play Like Muse (Matt Bellamy) – Video Guitar Lesson

Acoustic Blues Guitar Rut Buster – Video Guitar Lesson

How to Practice Jazz Guitar – Wes Montgomery Guitar Blues Case Study

Drop D Rock Riffs

Introduction To Hybrid Picking

Brock Davisson Blues Guitar Transcription

Introduction to Country Guitar Lesson One

Prince Guitar Riffs – Video Lesson

Lead Guitar Fills

Melodic Rock Guitar Licks – Video Lesson

Double Stop Soloing

Creative Rhythm Guitar – Video Guitar Lesson

Introduction to Funk Guitar 4 – Video Guitar Lesson

Guitar Technique Warm Up – Video Guitar Lesson

Melodic Guitar Patterns – Video Guitar Lesson

Finger Dexterity – Video Guitar Lesson

Advanced String Bending

Sight Reading – Reading Full Chords

Play Guitar Like Wes Montgomery – Video Lesson

Rise Video Ukulele Lesson

Sight Reading Part 8: Reading Bass Clef

Playing with Expression 6: Using the Volume Knob

Protected: Ukulele Videos 01

Heavy Metal Black Sabbath Solo Study

Metal Legato Phrases

Adele Hello Video Guitar Lesson

Hindu Pentatonic Scale – Video Guitar Lesson

Creative Capo Chords – Video Guitar Lesson

Sight Reading Part 7: Playing Up an Octave

Eastern Pentatonic Scale – Video Guitar Lesson

Eastern Pentatonic Scale 2 – Video Guitar Lesson

Playing with Expression Part 5: Using the pickup selector

Open String Chords – Video Guitar Lesson

Reading Notation on Guitar Part 6: Chords

Fast Rock Licks – Video Guitar Lesson

I love your books and am making impressive progress with them. I have never had a clearer understanding of playing guitar, ever.


Calvin Schaeffer

Via Email