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The Complete Jazz Guitar Soloing Compilation

The three most Popular Jazz Soloing Books on Amazon in One Volume The Complete Jazz Guitar Soloing Compilation combines three excellent jazz guitar books: Jazz Blues Soloing for Guitar Fundamental Changes in Jazz Guitar (Major ii V I Soloing) Minor ii V Mastery (Minor ii V i Soloing) Over 270 pages and 500 Notated Audio…

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Jazz Guitar Chord Tone Soloing

Easily Master Jazz Guitar Soloing Quickly learn how to solo over the 13 most essential chord progressions in jazz guitar using arpeggios, substitutions and chromatic approaches. Jazz Arpeggios, Extensions and Substitutions to Develop & Enrich Your Playing Learn the best arpeggios to use over the thirteen most common chord sequences in jazz and bebop guitar…

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Jazz Blues Soloing for Guitar

Master Jazz Blues Soloing for Guitar 176 Notated Examples 15 Backing Tracks 2 Hours of Audio Never have 12 bars of music been treated to such a detailed, logical study. Whether you already play jazz, or are trying to expand your melodic horizons from the traditional blues, Jazz Blues Soloing for Guitar is a step…

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The Jazz Guitar Chord Compilation

Three of the Most Popular Jazz Guitar Chord Books on Amazon Together in One Volume This compilation of essential jazz guitar books includes: Guitar Chords in Context Jazz Guitar Chord Mastery Voice Leading Jazz Guitar Over 250 Pages and 350 Notated Audio Examples Help You Master the Most Essential Concepts in Jazz Guitar With hours…

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Voice Leading Jazz Guitar

Easily Master Smooth, Sophisticated Voice Leading on Guitar  Voice Leading Jazz Guitar teaches you the most important principles of voice leading, substitution, secondary dominant and tritone use to quickly make your jazz rhythm guitar parts musical and rich. Using real life musical examples that you can see and hear, you will quickly learn to open…

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The Melodic Minor Cookbook

Coming Soon! Master Melodic Minor Modes The Melodic Minor Cookbook is a hands-on, practical guide to soloing with all seven modes of the Melodic Minor Scale. Easily add Fusion Guitar sounds to your existing Rock Guitar playing Scales, Essential Licks Theory and Chords The Melodic Minor Cookbook gets you using the melodic minor scale (and its modes) immediately…

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Jazz Guitar Chord Mastery

Jazz Guitar Chord Voicings: Musically Mastered Learn and incorporate essential jazz guitar chord vocabulary into your playing. Over 150 Useful Exercises with Audio Examples Jazz Guitar Chord Mastery is a guitar chord method that easily develops your harmonic knowledge and fretboard skills, while helping you master and use advanced jazz chords, voicings and inversions. Daunted…

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Fundamental Changes in Jazz Guitar

Fundamental Changes in Jazz Guitar: An In Depth Study of Major ii V I Soloing in Bebop 20 Lessons Over 2hours of Audio for Free Download 163 Live Examples played at 2 speeds Standard Notation and Tablature 6 Backing Tracks The COMPLETE Jazz Guitar Soloing Course Containing over 2 hours of audio examples and backing…

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Minor ii V Mastery for Jazz Guitar

Minor ii V Mastery for Jazz Guitar Over 170 notated audio examples 12 backing tracks 80+ Minutes of Audio Full discussion and analysis of the essential approaches to minor ii V soloing Minor ii V Mastery is the definitive guide to bebop minor ii V soloing for guitar. Following hot on the heels of the…

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Since purchasing Joseph’s Book 1 of the Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar, I’ve gained a much deeper understanding of the options available to me when playing the blues. He writes clearly and methodically, giving just enough information on each topic so that I can confidently integrate new techniques and expand my playing knowledge.

The book provides alternative approaches to each method to drive home the idea that you the player should experiment and find what works best in different situations based on your preference. Clear explanations of different chord voicings and rhythm options have really opened up the palette of sounds to choose from, and I look forward to continuing the series.

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