Country Guitar Books

Country Guitar for Beginners

Master Traditional and Modern Country Guitar Playing Discover a Complete Method to Learn Traditional and Modern Country Guitar Playing Master Chord Playing and Rhythm Guitar Skills Get everything you need to play Lead Guitar Solos Do you want to learn how to play country music like the great guitarists you know and love? Do you…

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The Country Fingerstyle Guitar Method

Master Fingerstyle Country Guitar and Learn the Styles of the Greatest Country Guitar Players Master Every Essential Country Guitar Technique Develop Travis Picking, Syncopation and Articulation Effortlessly Combine Advanced Chords, Inversions and Bass Lines Learn the Guitar Styles of Merle Travis, Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed Discover Banjo Rolls and The Secret to Effortless Speed…

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100 Country Licks for Guitar

Master 100 Country Guitar Licks in the Style of the World’s 20 Greatest Players

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Country Guitar Soloing Techniques

Country Guitar Soloing Techniques takes you on a journey of discovery that teaches you authentic country guitar soloing using the actual techniques of the masters.

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The Complete Country Guitar Method Compilation

The Complete Country Guitar Method Compilation is a 278 page collection of three best-selling books that teach the essential skills, of country guitar

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Chicken Pickin’ – The Vocabulary of the Country Guitar Masters

100 Transcribed and Fully Notated Country Guitar Licks from the Masters 100 Audio Examples 10 Backing Tracks An Authentic Opportunity to Learn Country Guitar Language In Sam Smiley’s groundbreaking book, the essential language of country guitar is broken down in to short, authentic phrases which have been lovingly transcribed from the best country guitar players in the…

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The great thing about the exercises is that there are enough of them…by that I mean than they lead you into more complex skills a step at a time. An analogy is when one is trying to learn a new piece, the idea is to break it down into smaller sections and then put the sections together. Alexander is a wizard at presenting meaningful bits that can be mastered and then built into something more complex.

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