Acoustic Guitar Books

The First 100 Chords for Guitar

The First 100 Chords for Guitar Discover 100 essential guitar chords so you can play almost any chord or song on the guitar Understand chord theory and construction and instantly apply and use chords to write sogns Learn how chords work together, how to build chord progressions and master strumming Are you struggling to learn…

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Beginner Lead Guitar Method

The Beginner Lead Guitar Method Master Lead Guitar Licks and Build Great Technique for a Lifetime   Discover how to play your first solos on guitar Master the essential playing techniques to make your solos rock Learn the licks that quickly build into long, musical solos Dominate bends, slides, picking and legato Instantly apply scales…

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The Complete DADGAD Guitar Method

Complete DADGAD Mastery for Acoustic and Electric Guitar The Complete DADGAD Guitar Method is the most comprehensive guitar to DADGAD guitar playing available today. Learn Chords, Scales, Arpeggios, Songs and Techniques Ever wondered how the DADGAD guitar masters make such incredible music with cascading, harp-like phrases and beautiful ringing chords? This book and the 170…

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Fingerstyle Blues Guitar

Master Acoustic Fingerstyle Blues Guitar Break down this challenging yet rewarding genre step-by-step, from your first finger independence exercises right through to complete studies that seamlessly combine chords, bass lines and melodies into full pieces of music. 199 Audio Examples in Standard Notation and Tablature Each element and technique of the early Delta blues style is…

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Since purchasing Joseph’s Book 1 of the Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar, I’ve gained a much deeper understanding of the options available to me when playing the blues. He writes clearly and methodically, giving just enough information on each topic so that I can confidently integrate new techniques and expand my playing knowledge.

The book provides alternative approaches to each method to drive home the idea that you the player should experiment and find what works best in different situations based on your preference. Clear explanations of different chord voicings and rhythm options have really opened up the palette of sounds to choose from, and I look forward to continuing the series.

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