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Easily Master Smooth, Sophisticated Voice Leading on Guitar 

Voice Leading Jazz Guitar teaches you the most important principles of voice leading, substitution, secondary dominant and tritone use to quickly make your jazz rhythm guitar parts musical and rich. Using real life musical examples that you can see and hear, you will quickly learn to open up the fretboard and gain deep insight into chords and harmony.

Standard Notation, Tablature, Diagrams and Audio

With over 80 notated audio examples and hundreds of diagrams, Voice Leading Jazz Guitar shows you step by step how to move between jazz chords in the smoothest possible way. Get away from ‘standard’ root position chords, and learn to see the fretboard in terms of intervals and beautiful extensions. Move away from jumping around the neck and learn to change just one or two notes in a chord to form stunning tapestries of sound.

Build Rich, Musical, Jazz Rhythm Guitar Parts

Voice Leading Jazz Guitar focuses on building creative chord voicings on real life jazz standards. This is not a book full of boring exercises, each example relates to common jazz chord progressions to provide context and insight into the techniques used.

Break away from predictable chord shapes and paths through songs

Do you find yourself limited to chord voicings with roots on the 6th, 5th or 4th strings?

Do you only have one or two ‘routes’ through a jazz progression?

Do you want to understand the basis of chord melody?

Do you want learn when, where and how to use beautiful substitutions and extensions?

Voice Leading Jazz Guitar is a Straightforward, No Nonsense, Practical Guide to Enriching your Playing

All too often books on jazz harmony are dull, elitist and only for those who are academically trained. This book is different and takes you on a simple logical journey from first principles and teaches you the techniques used by the best jazz guitarists in the world to find unlimited ways to play any jazz chord progression.

Learn to:

• See the neck as a palette of possible intervals, not just a set of rigid chord shapes

• Move smoothly and efficiently between chords while introducing rich, musical extensions and alterations

• Master Secondary Dominant and Tritone Substitutions

• Develop simple chord progressions into sequences of beautiful substitutions

• Play all over the neck in any key

• Understand and develop your own approach to voice leading

• Hear substitutions in a musical context with over 80 audio examples to download for free

Hundreds of Reviews for each Book include:
  • As a seasoned performer and teacher we all get a bit rusty and maybe lose focus when it comes to learning things and/or explaining things to students. Joseph has given me in this book a breath of fresh air and re- ignited my passion for learning more complex manoeuvres. He has also made me realize that I have always been on the right track with my thinking, but sometimes I derail and can't get back on. This book gets you up and going straight away and helps you target your learning and stay focussed. Like all good books they take a lot of work but the rewards are more than worth it! Well done Joseph.
  • Just the first few pages are worth the price of the book. There, Joseph explains how important it is to see chord shapes or "boxes" not for just what they are but for what they CAN be i.e. possible extensions for soloing.
  • Required for any guitarist. Explained perfectly for all guitarists!! Would recommend any of his books m/ buy and learn now!
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