The Complete Jazz Guitar Soloing Compilation
Become a master jazz guitar soloist with The Complete Jazz Guitar Soloing Compilation
  • Learn how to build your own jazz blues solo lines
  • Discover how to play advanced substitutions and extensions over any chord
  • Master advanced melodic concepts and solo like a pro

The three most Popular Jazz Soloing Books on Amazon in One Volume

Do you wish you could play jazz like the greats?
Ever hear a jazz guitar solo and wish you knew how to write a line like that?

The Complete Jazz Guitar Soloing Compilation is a three-book series that starts with the principles of jazz guitar soloing and moves up through writing advanced melodic lines.

Whether you’re a beginner or you want to find a new musical voice for your jazz soloing, these books will guide you simply through a potential minefield of jazz theory and melodic language.

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Here’s what you get…

• Over 270 pages focusing on three essential jazz chord progressions: The Jazz Blues, The Major ii V I and the Minor ii V i

• Over 500 Notated Audio Examples of Exercises, Techniques and Progressions so you can hear and feel each stepping stone in the process of learning

• Three books in one covering fundamental concepts to help you master the Most Important Chord Progressions in Jazz

• Simple, musical approaches to each jazz guitar soloing concept so you can write your own unique solos

With clear, unacademic explanations and over 500 musical examples, you will find your playing developing faster than you could ever imagine.

Book 1 – Jazz Blues Soloing for Guitar emphasizes creating smooth, flowing blues lines like those constructed by your favorite jazz soloists. Not only do you learn how to play lines like them but to construct your own solos as well.

Book 2 – Fundamental Changes in Jazz Guitar teaches you everything you need to play Major ii v i soloing in Bebop from the first principles right through to advanced substitutions and extensions you can play over each chord of a progression. Don’t just get the basics down, but discover how to master this essential progression.

Book 3 – Minor ii V Mastery for Jazz Guitar focuses on Minor ii V Master using just one position on the guitar, meaning you can focus only on what matters most; the sound of the melodic line. Learning this way helps deeply ingrain the sound of the minor ii v i, freeing you to create meaningful music.

Each book in The Complete Jazz Guitar Soloing Compilation covers many fundamental concepts in incredible depth, building from first principles right through to advanced substitutions and arpeggio choices.

Over 300 5* Reviews for each book include:
  • If you’re like me, and have been frustratingly & unsuccessfully trying to learn jazz guitar on your own, purchasing this book and running through the exercises is not just the first step, but a huge leap in the right direction.
  • There are a million books on jazz guitar. I have most of them... but this book is the one I’d take on the shuttle to woodshed jazz guitar at my beginner/intermediate level. It contains a structured and achievable means to get to the point of making the changes.
  • This book was an eye opener right off the bat. Concise and well written, it got me engaged and learning immediately. This stuff can get complicated but the author's approach makes it much easier to absorb and actually incorporate the concepts into your playing.
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