The Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar Compilation
Become a master blues guitarist with The Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar: Compilation
  • Play solos like B.B. King and John Lee Hooker
  • Learn to Instinctively Play Any Blues Song
  • Understand Scales and Techniques so you Find the Right Notes: Every Time

The Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar Compilation

Do you hear great blues guitar songs and wish you knew how to play them?
Do you want to play great solos but don’t even know where to start?
Wouldn’t it be great to emulate your favourite blues musicians or even pick up your guitar and work out your favourite songs by ear!?

The Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar is a three-part series that teaches you the essential skills required to become a master blues guitarist.

You save 15% when you purchase all three best-selling books in this one edition!

Here’s what you get…

• Over 245 Pages of Blues Guitar Mastery focusing on Rhythm Guitar, Melodic Phrasing and Beyond Pentatonics that help you play any blues song

• Over 400 Notated Audio Examples of Exercises, Techniques and Licks so you can hear and feel each stepping stone in the process of learning

• Over 20 Backing Tracks so you can play and hear what you are learning in an Actual Musical Situation

• The Complete Blues Guitar Soloing Course that will have you writing and improvising your own solos in no time

With over 245 jam-packed pages and 400 notated audio examples from all 3 books in the Playing Blues Guitar series, this is the most comprehensive guide to playing blues guitar ever released.

Book One – Rhythm Guitar focuses on the topic of rhythm guitar giving you a solid understanding and practice of not only the common blues chord structures… but also multiple approaches you can take to embellish the standard harmony. Beginning with the basic structure of the 12 bar blues and continuing with open string riffs, dominant 7 chords, Turnarounds, and more… this book gives you the tools needed to play any blues song.

Book Two – Melodic Phrasing examines the most important aspects of blues guitar soloing, allowing you to develop your improvisational skills in the blues world. By teaching Rhythm, Phrasing and Placement you learn to use fundamental rhythmic fragments to create and drive your solo forward. Because when you know the building blocks… melodies will take care of themselves. Never worry about forgetting licks again.

Book Three – Beyond Pentatonics teaches you the secrets of blues guitar soloing by showing you how to break away from the minor pentatonic soloing trap that plagues so many. It shows you how to target the most powerful notes from each chord in the blues progression to create the greatest emotional effect, wooing your audience. All of that plus discovering the many possible scale choices for each of the chords in the blues and you will be building solos like a master blues guitarist in no time.

All 3 Amazon best-selling books are combined seamlessly in this complete guide of everything you need to know about playing the blues.

Hundreds of Reviews for each Book include:
  • This is exactly the blues guitar book I have been looking for. It takes you from playing basic blues rhythm to an authoritative lead style all in one book. The downloadable audio files that go along with the book complete the package.
  • I'm about 30 pages into the first section of this book and I am so thrilled what it has taught me. Unlike some other popular blues books that teach you a riff or a tune, this book actually gives you the building blocks to create your own.
  • This is a truly great book. It takes you from the basics of rhythm playing through to complex soloing ideas. These let you go away and experiment/improvise so you get used to playing what comes into your head, rather than sticking to what is written down.
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