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Master every element of DADGAD Guitar
  • Master creative DADGAD chords, scales, arpeggios and techniques
  • Learn full pieces and over 170 notated examples
  • Soloing and Rhythm Guitar skills to make you the complete DADGAD guitarist

Complete DADGAD Mastery for Acoustic and Electric Guitar

Are you new to DADGAD and don’t know where to start?
Have you been playing DADGAD for awhile and want to become more proficient and creative in your playing?
Ever wondered how the DADGAD guitar masters make such incredible music with cascading, harp-like phrases and beautiful ringing chords?

The Complete DADGAD Guitar Method is the most comprehensive guitar to DADGAD guitar playing available today. This book and the 170 accompanying audio examples show you everything from basic chords to advanced technique, presented in a totally musical context to unleash the music inside trapped inside.

Here’s What You Get…

• Discover Movable Chords and Scales to cement the fundamentals so DADGAD comes naturally to your fingers

Learn Finger Picking and Pick-Style Playing and Soloing and Rhythm Guitar skills to make you the complete DADGAD guitarist

• Learn Modern Cascading Scales and Techniques and how to apply DADGAD music theory and create real music, quickly

Get Complete Pieces and Musical Studies complete with over 170 Musical Examples in Standard Notation, Tab and Audio Download to make the music come alive and help you practice your new DADGAD guitar skills

PLUS Free Bonus Videos highlighting intricate techniques to help you become a DADGAD master

Don’t know where to start with DADGAD Guitar?

Many DADGAD students don’t know where to start when learning to play DADGAD. The tuning is different, the chord shapes are different and the notes on the neck are all in a different place.

In The Complete DADGAD Guitar Method, Simon Pratt guides you easily from zero to hero on the guitar.

Starting with getting reliably in tune (with online video bonus content), Simon takes you on a progressive journey through the art of DADGAD Guitar.

You will learn open and movable chords, scales and arpeggios in the context of real music, and work your way up to advanced, beautiful techniques like cascading ‘harp’ open-string scales, finger-picking, harmonics, and even some funk picking!

Musical DADGAD Solution

Too many guitar guides are dry and cold… blindly showing you chord and scale shapes and expecting you to somehow piece it together.

The Complete DADGAD Guitar Method is different. Each scale, chord and arpeggio is taught in a musical context so that it immediately becomes part of your voice on guitar.

With four, fully notated pieces and plenty of musical studies, you’ll be coming back to The Complete DADGAD Guitar Method for years to come.

Hundreds of Reviews for each Book include:
  • Nice job Simon. Some very nice approaches and some good solid fundamentals for playing in DADGAD. The string by string approach with voicing is very helpful is seeing the difference of the neck in DADGAD vs. traditional tuning.
  • This guy really understands how to explain things in a way that's both interesting and motivating. You cannot get more out of your comfort zone than DADGAD and yet I am really excited about how it will change the way I play guitar and think about my playing. I like Simon's style. It is relaxed but focused and helps you progress in manageable steps. If you're looking to break out of a rut in your playing, this is the book for you. Thanks Simon - another winner!
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Cover DADGAD Guitar Method