Beginner Classical Guitar Method
The Beginner Classical Guitar Method
  • A complete classical guitar method for beginners
  • Develop amazing technique while learning beautiful pieces
  • Hundreds of etudes and exercises to supercharge your playing

Build Perfect Classical Guitar Technique While Developing Your Repertoire

  • • A clear concise guide to perfect classical guitar technique
  • • Contains warm-up exercises and melodies
  • • Introduction to arpeggios, scales and harmonised chords
  • • Teaches students famous classical guitar pieces by the masters
  • • Learn dozens of beautiful etudes and expand your performance repertoire
  • • Analysis and playing guidance for each piece

The Beginner Classical Guitar Method

  • • Would you like to play classical guitar, but don’t know where to start?
  • • Would you like a guide that not only helps perfect technique, but teaches you to play achievable, complete pieces?
  • • Want to discover the simple golden rules of classical guitar playing?


The Beginner Classical Guitar Method is a clear, concise guide to perfecting classical guitar technique. Included are helpful warm-up exercises, including melodies and arpeggio work-outs. After working on technique, readers are guided through a series of etudes, examples illustrating specific techniques and over 30 complete pieces to play.

Here’s What You Get:

  • • A comprehensive guide to perfecting classical guitar technique
  • • Playing advice and guidance for each piece, from fingering to playing positions
  • • Over 30 complete pieces you can immediately add to your repertoire
  • • Perfectly notated examples with tab, and studio-quality audio to download for free.

The Perfect Foundation for a Lifetime of Classical Guitar

The Beginner Classical Guitar Method is not a sterile list of instructions and exercises to tick off. Written by accomplished player and teacher Ross Trottier, this book communicates his passion for the classical guitar repertoire, and provides expert insight into these timeless pieces. With Ross’ guidance, the 30+ etudes in this great resource come to life.

Hear it!

The Beginner Classical Guitar Method contains over 100 supporting audio examples, so you can hear exactly how each piece should sound.

Buy it now to begin crafting your classical guitar skills.

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Beginner Classical Guitar Method