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Electric Bass - Improve Your Groove
  • Crack the code of rhythm and groove
  • Develop incredible note placement and feel
  • Discover the secrets of syncopation

Crack the Code of Rhythm, Groove and Feel on Electric Bass Guitar

  • • Do you struggle to groove on bass guitar?
  • • Do you find it hard to play “in the pocket” and lock in with other musicians?
  • • Is it tough to play in time, all the time?

Build your groove and play bass like a master

  • • Discover how to groove flawlessly on electric bass in any style of music
  • • Understand bass guitar rhythm and placement
  • • Play in the pocket, every time.


Every bass player wants to play with groove and great feel. These skills are what tie a performance together, move the music forward, and keep it “in the pocket”. Groove is what your audience wants to hear.

Electric Bass – Improve Your Groove is a complete course in rhythm and groove on bass. Groove is built by understanding rhythm, playing accurately and sharing that feel with other musicians.

What you’ll learn:

  • • How to play in time on bass guitar
  • • How to play “in the pocket” to create a tight, grooving performance
  • • How to crack the code of rhythm and groove
  • • The secrets of syncopation and building your internal clock
  • • The Konnakol vocal counting system to help you groove without thinking
  • • 5 complete pieces with backing tracks that put theory into practice
  • • Over 140 exercises and examples with FREE supporting audio to download


In Electric Bass – Improve your Groove, building perfect time and feel on bass is explained from absolute basics to teach you how to play bass lines with great rhythm; from the simplest, to the most complex grooves.

You’ll discover grooving bass guitar rhythms and develop devastating accuracy and feel. Rock, Funk, Jazz, Blues and Latin feels on bass are all intimately addressed with over 140 examples and backing tracks.

Hear it!


Electric Bass – Improve Your Groove contains over 140 exercises and supporting audio examples so you can hear exactly how each exciting example should sound. Learn to lock in with the live backing tracks and dramatically boost your progress.

Buy it now and instantly become the bass guitar powerhouse of the band.

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Electric Bass Improve your Groove 3d image