Sight Reading Mastery for Bass Guitar
  • Pitch Recognition
  • Instant Location of Notes
  • Unlimited Exercises
  • All Keys

The Most Comprehensive Guide to Reading Music on the Bass Guitar

 •  104 pages of limitless sight reading exercises

 •  Efficient, detailed lessons on how to read music the right way

 •  Extensive rhythm reading section

 •  Over 2 hours of audio to download for free

In a modern world where we have instant access to guitar tablature, YouTube videos, slowdown software, lesson apps and midi, what is the value in learning to fluently read music on bass guitar?

Sight reading music is an essential part of being able to communicate with other musicians in their own language. Professional musicians communicate with written music, and because very few other instruments use tablature, musicians simply learn to read music as a natural part of learning to play.

If you want to have a better chance of working professionally as a guitarist you must learn to sight read on your instrument.

There are three essential elements to being able to sight read on the bass guitar:

 •  Pitch Recognition

 •  Instant Location of Notes on your Instrument

 •  Rhythm Recognition

Sight Reading Mastery for Bass Guitar contains extensive chapters and exercises that help you achieve mastery of each of these essential elements in a fun, challenging way.

Every important major and minor key is covered, as are all the rhythms that you will come across in most normal playing situations.

The exercises in Sight Reading Mastery are Limitless to continually challenge, develop and improve your skills – however far you advance.

The problem with many other sight reading texts is that the student quickly memorises the study pieces that are included, however, Sight Reading Mastery for Bass Guitar cleverly avoids this problem.

The melodic exercises gradually increase in complexity as you progress through the page and are designed to be almost impossible to memorise. This leaves the student with an inexhaustible resource for life.

There are dedicated chapters on how to practice, and scale theory and many diagrams detailing the best way to find and play written pitches on your guitar and of course an in depth study of how to recognise pitches and rhythms on the written stave.

All in all, Sight Reading Mastery for Bass Guitar is the most comprehensive study guide available to help you fluently read music.

Hundreds of Reviews for each Book include:
  • As a beginning bass player, I've tried many books on reading notation. This is one of the best. Keeps my interest and most importantly I'm actually learning.
  • Bought this to use as a base course for students. Good info, clearly written. My only reservation was the exclusion of the examples in the Kindle version. I eventually found them at the author's site, and printed them from a pdf. These need to be included. Therefore, in accordance with the author's own advice in the book, it makes more sense to buy the hard copy, or be prepared to print all the exercises, as he (rightly and helpfully suggests) to turn the exercises upside down for gettng more bang for the buck. Other than that, good stuff here.
  • You can tell this is the work of a really experienced, compassionate teacher who has taught musicians at all levels of experience. The book consists of around 30% instruction and 70% exercises, organized by key signature. I really like these two sentences, though the idea is certainly not new: "For now, don't use a metronome. Even if it takes you 10 minutes to do just one or two lines then this is success." That's a very positive, encouraging way of phrasing an idea which is vital for any beginner: practice playing correctly, don't practice making mistakes. There are also audio files to download, which is nice if you want to "check your work" as you learn to sight-read at faster and faster tempi. Highly recommended.
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