3D Book Cover Drum-Notation
Understand, Recognize, Hear and Play any Rhythm on Drums

●  Build, play, and internalize rhythms on drums to build a solid musical foundation

●  Understand complex time and accurate rhythm divisions to quickly improve your reading skills

●  Instantly apply and master terminology to make music reading intuitive and easy

Master Essential Notation on Drums and Build Rhythm Reading Skills for a Lifetime

●  Discover how to read and play every essential notation on drums

●  Understand how reading drum music works

●  Build play and internalize rhythms on drums

●  Understand complex time and accurate rhythm divisions

●  Instantly apply and master terminology to make music

Rhythm and Notation for Drummers

● Are you struggling to learn drum music?

●  Would you like an effective way to memorize, play and combine techniques and rudiments to make music on the drums?

●  Do you want to confidently read rhythm on drums the right way?

●  Do you want to build perfect drum practice habits that stay with you for a lifetime?

The Rhythm and Notation for Drummers teaches you to correctly play, understand and combine the essential techniques for drummers to become a better musician, quickly and easily.

Everything for earning Drums:

●  A complete course, building from the first essential drum rhythms and symbols to help you memorize, understand and apply drum notation musically.

●  Detailed analysis of over 20 everyday drum techniques and their application to the drum kit

●  Understanding of how to read rhythms on drums the right way, and the theory of how they are constructed

●  Math to Music: Essential rhythms and techniques are broken down so you understand them before you play them

●  Learn how to write down and document complex drum pieces – an invaluable skill!

Bonus One: Test Yourself: Detailed revision sections at the end of each chapter

Bonus Two: Get the Audio! Don’t just understand music! – Hear every example played live and professionally recorded

Are you Missing Part of the Puzzle?

Most beginner drum students know a few rhythms and symbols but few actually realize it is quick and easy to expand into effortless competent understanding of how to read drum music and play all the essential techniques.

Rhythm and Notation for Drummers is not just a cold list of drum theory, it’s a complete guide for beginners that teaches you how to read and write notation for a lifetime of drumming success.

From the most basic note divisions, right through to an understanding of complex time, you will be guided in small friendly steps. Throughout, there is an emphasis on using the correct counting, combining techniques smoothly, building great technique and developing creativity.

Test Yourself!  At the end of each chapter, the newly introduced rhythms and techniques are combined into real-life challenging musical progressions.

How to Write Drum Music! – Also included is a detailed ‘How to Write Your Own Drum Music’ so you can quickly and easily write and remember your own drum parts…

Hear it!

Learning rhythms from paper is one thing, but once you hear how to apply them, they become music. Rhythm and Notation for Drummers contains many supporting audio examples to help you get inside the music, and quickly apply every new rhythm and technique in a musical situation.


Reviews include:
  • If you want to learn how to read drum music this book is the complete guide and with regular use you will make progress. I know I am, with just 10 minutes a day this book has helped me get to grips with 4 way coordination, stick control and funky primer and given me the confidence to listen to songs with a transcription in front of me and follow what's happening because the mystery of the dots has been explained by this book.
  • Excellent explanations of note values with great examples and exercises that reinforce the theory.
    This is a great addition to your drum book library... I'll definitely be using it with my students.
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3D Book Cover Drum-Notation