Book cover: Progressive Metal Guitar
Master Advanced Progressive Metal Guitar
  • Learn cutting-edge techniques to dominate the guitar
  • Discover how to build cross rhythms and odd times in the style of Meshuggah
  • Understand and apply advanced techniques to harmonise two guitars

Progressive Metal Guitar

Do you listen to today’s advanced metal guitarists and wish you could use and understand their cutting edge approach to playing the guitar?
Are you stuck using the same old approaches to shred guitar?
Would you like to build complete freedom to play anything, anywhere on the guitar with perfect technique?

Progressive Metal Guitar will help you dominate the guitar in the style of the most cutting-edge bands and guitarists of the Progressive Heavy Metal genre. You will learn the tips, tricks, techniques and approaches of the world’s best guitarists and the best way to apply them to create exciting dynamic solos and music.

Here’s What You Get…

• Extensive chapters on Picking, Legato, Tapping and Sweep Picking with hundreds of notated examples so you learn how to play metal guitar like a pro

• Whole sections devoted to Cross Rhythms, Odd Meters and Odd Groupings with detailed instructions on how to use each approach so you can quickly master the genre

Five full demo solos with bar-by-bar breakdowns where each solo is based on the specific techniques of each chapter

• Solos in the style of Malmsteen, Cynic, Death, Nevermore, Dream Theater, Buckethead, and Bumblefoot PLUS A Neo-Classical transcription of Paganini’s Caprice #16

• Over 100 live-recorded, fully notated examples to make the music come alive and inspire you to reach your goals

It’s a fully comprehensive guide to essential Progressive Metal Guitar techniques for intermediate to advanced guitar players.

Don’t know where to start with Progressive Metal?

There are so many virtuoso guitarists out there these days, and they are all pushing music into exciting new directions.

However, it is often difficult to find reliable information about how they are creating all those cutting-edge tracks.

This leads to frustration in the new generation of guitarists as the music is often fast, complex and difficult to transcript.

It’s time to break down the barriers between the virtuosos and you!

Progressive Metal Guitar opens up the possibilities of modern day advanced guitar technique to anyone with a guitar. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted, but you’re here for a reason, right?!

Contained within Progressive Metal Guitar are the tools and secrets you need to reach the next level in your playing, and build a path to guitar greatness.

Buy it now and bring your guitar goals within easy reach.

New Release!
  • This is the third book in Rob Thorpe's trilogy of books on metal guitar. This one both expands on the material and subjects in the first two works, and covers new ground as well, all in Rob's competent, accessible and readable style. The approach of Rob's three works is academic and scholarly, but simultaneously engaging and approachable. Music notation and tab are used throughout, and theory and technique are both covered thoroughly, but engagingly and with great compression and expert editing.

    Till now there has been a hole in the metal guitar pedagogy available to be filled by a progressive, well structured, approach that steps away from the limited tab only approach, and caters for the reading guitarist who wants to understand and progress through the beginning and intermediate stages, and beyond, of this challenging genre... Rob's trilogy is a much needed addition to the metal guitar instructional canon and is highly recommended.
  • I couldn't be more pleased with this book. The notation is clear and easy to understand, with each example explained well to give plenty of insight into the application of the technique or idea. Referencing the work of other guitarists makes all the lesson material feel a lot more relevant and practical to actual musical scenarios, as opposed to being just another "book of licks."
  • I highly recommend this book to any metal guitarist - from beginners trying to pick up new techniques right through to advanced players trying to push their existing techniques further. Oh, and I definitely recommend getting the audio accompaniment, they're of impeccable quality and really help to reinforce and demonstrate the ideas shown on paper. It is apparent that Rob is very passionate about delivering a quality product on all fronts, and I will definitely be buying any of his future releases.
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Book cover: Progressive Metal Guitar