Overcome the common hurdles of speed picking...
  • Master Neoclassical picking technique to play any music… perfectly
  • Build incredible, efficient picking technique for insane speed and accuracy
  • Concise, effective picking drills form a direct path to speed-picking mastery

Master the Neo-Classical speed-picking system

  • •  A definitive study of speed techniques and biomechanicsfor shred guitar
  • •  A systematic guide to fast pickingand string-change strategies
  • •  Master the 9 principles of speed-picking as they’re dissected, analysed and applied
  • •  Complete technical developmentthrough over 90 real-life musical examples and “In the Style of” Licks
  • •  18 original Yngwie-inspired Neo-Classical studies to build guitar technique and consolidate every essential speed-picking principle


Neoclassical Speed Strategies for Guitar

  • •  Do you struggle to overcome the issues affecting your true speed potential?
  • •  Do you need an authentic method to emulate the picking style of Neo-Classical guitar masters like Yngwie Malmsteen and Ritchie Blackmore?
  • •  Do you want to build flawless picking technique on guitar?
  • •  Do you want to master a system built on innovative solutions to common problems?
  • •  Are you worried that you may not be reaching your true potential?


Neoclassical Speed Strategies for Guitar is the result of 27 years studying Neoclassical guitar, of one of the most influential pickers in guitar history. These principles will help you develop perfect guitar technique for any style.

You’ll master picking biomechanics, technique, theory and hundreds of licks to turn you into a shred guitar monster.


Here’s What You Get:

  • •  A complete guitar picking coursethat starts from the first principles of movement and works around your own unique body mechanics, illustrated in detail.
  • •  A multi-faceted system used by some of the best guitarists in the world to build incredible, efficient picking techniqueand devastating speed on guitar
  • •  Inventive exercisesthat combine shifting scale lines, sequences, single-string phrases and string-changing mechanics.
  • •  Concise, developmental picking drills and studiesforming a clear, incremental path to speed-picking mastery


Bonus One: A definitive section dedicated to Neo-Classical scale choice, theory and application

Bonus Two: 18 musical studies to build speed, fluency and Neo-Classical vocabulary


Are you Hitting a Brick Wall in your Quest for Ultimate Speed Picking on Guitar?

Speed is not about natural ability. It’s not about mindless practice, and it’s certainly not about luck. Playing fast starts with a method that will unleash your true potential.

Neo-Classical Speed Strategies for Guitar is about breaking barriers, systemising strengths, and helping you overcome the common hurdles of speed picking by analysing a true icon of shred guitar.

By understanding motion and mechanics, picking orientation and pathways, and by implementing strategies conducive to economical and effortless speed, you’ll break free of the issues that have held you back in the past.

Part technical compendium and part Artist style-file, Neo-Classical Speed Strategies for Guitar brings together mechanical solutions and stylistic vocabulary, with 93 musical examples ranging from drills to etudes.

All examples are delivered authentically in downloadable audio.

You won’t just learn to play fast on guitar, you’ll learn to pick perfectly…

This product is not associated with or endorsed by Yngwie Malmsteen.

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  • It’s obvious that this was written with the utmost care. I can’t imagine that one could ever find a more detailed book about picking techniques, and there’s certainly no way one could get a better value than this. This is without a doubt the most useful guitar book I’ve ever had the chance to read. If you’re serious about improving your mechanics, this is a must-buy.
  • This is an amazing textbook of the Yngwie system with diagrams that show everything from pick grip to motion and string changing. The text is incredibly articulate and detailed yet graspable... To have all of this in a one-stop resource is exactly what I wanted - and got. Mission accomplished and then some.
  • The first thing you'll notice is that not only is this publication incredibly well structured, it is probably the most thorough examination of the elements that make up the neo-classical style. The book reads like a personal roadmap for building, or rebuilding as the case may be, your playing technique from the ground up.
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