Master The Minor ii V Progression for Jazz Guitar
  • Master minor ii V i  jazz soloing and become a great bebop guitarist
  • Discover the best way to play rhythm, lead and understand the theory
  • Build your skills from the ground up for complete mastery of the jazz minor ii V I

Minor ii V Mastery for Jazz Guitar: The Definitive Guide to Bebop Guitar Soloing

You know that the Minor ii V i is essential in bebop jazz guitar… but how do you improvise in this progression?

Maybe you get stuck playing scales when you should be mastering arpeggios to improvise your solo.
Perhaps you need to be more well-versed in your Phrygian Dominant Mode or the Mixolydian Bebop Mode to know how to really make your music stand out.
Or maybe you just need more insight into what’s possible in the minor ii V progression so you know how to improvising without sounding boring.

Whatever the case, to become a great bebop jazz guitar soloist you need to master the Minor ii V progression.

Discover Minor ii V Mastery for Jazz Guitar… the definitive guide to bebop minor ii V soloing for guitar.

Not only do you learn what the Minor ii V progression looks like… but you learn how to write and improvise your own solos in the bebop jazz style.

Here’s What You Get…

• Learn the basic first principles such as chord arpeggios, chromatic approach notes, extended arpeggios and target notes so this progression flows naturally

• Discover how to play the exciting and advanced melodic concepts used by all the great bebop jazz guitarists

• Build your jazz guitar solo from the ground up based on the musical concepts in this book

• Get 170 notated audio examples to help you hear, absorb and understand the minor ii V progression

• PLUS a free download of 12 professional backing tracks so you can practice your solo and improvisational skills

Following hot on the heels of the best selling “Fundamental Changes for Jazz Guitar” this book delves deep into all the major soloing approaches to the minor ii V i chord progression.

It’s All In The Details

The in-depth sections cover essential vocabulary based on the Phrygian Dominant mode, the Altered Scale, Arpeggio Substitutions and the Aeolian Bebop Scale.

The focus throughout Minor ii V Mastery is on using just one position on the guitar, meaning you can focus only on what matters most; the sound of the melodic line. Train your ears first, and the rest comes to your fingers naturally.

With this method you can stop worrying about one hundred different fingering permutations and master one area of the guitar. By blocking out these ‘guitar-specific’ distractions, the sound of the minor ii v i will be deeply ingrained in your ears freeing you to create meaningful music.

Hundreds of Reviews include:
  • I've been trying to be able to jam with local Jazz muso's for about 3 years now - I've used a number of books to try to 'get' improv, but I really couldn't crack it, and relied instead on memorising full solos (doesn't get you far). For some reason, Joseph Alexanders books just work for me - the theory is clearly explained (in digestible pieces) and the difficulty builds in steps - so that you really get this stuff into your head and fingers. So I spent a month with this book - end result is that I am now able to improvise over minor tunes and it actually sounds jazzy! Thanks Joseph :)
  • This book is a great view of what it takes to properly improvise through a Minor II-V-I progression. It pushes you through new concepts by using old concepts and combining them in great ways for soloing. Using arpeggios and bebop scales are the building blocks to a modern sound.
  • This is another fantastic book in the Fundamental-Changes series. It follows the same "winning" formula of breaking down II-V-I progressions in a very logical/practical way to facilitate internalizing the information so it can be applied to real life playing situations...
  • After you have worked through the examples, you are going to be playing beautiful and challenging lines... More importantly, you will have a deep understanding of the jazz vocabulary required to build your own lines... The audio examples and backing tracks really make the process a lot of fun!
  • Learning starts early and is well paced throughout the book. The exercises are selected so that the reader gradually builds the knowledge and confidence to not only work through them but also to learn how to improvise. After going through just the first 15 pages of the book, I was improvising minor ii V i solos on a backtrack that I recorded on my Boss loop station. So rewarding!
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