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Learn to Play Drums Volume 1
  • The most comprehensive guitar to learning drums available
  • Hundreds of musical examples take you from zero to hero
  • Over 4 hours of audio to help you groove like a pro

Master the Drum Kit and Learn to Play Drums Like a Pro

  • • A comprehensive guide to playing the drums for beginners
  • • Quickly turn initial rudiments into exciting rhythms
  • • Discover essential drum techniques, grooves, fills and patterns
  • • Develop perfect rhythm skills and apply them musically
  • • Play along with over 4 hours of audio tracks
  • • Master impressive drum studies and essential drum loops
  • • Discover the history of the drum kit

Learn to Play Drums is a Complete Modern Drum Method

  • • Do you want to learn the drums in the style of your musical heroes?
  • • Do you want to master the fundamental rhythms, grooves and language of modern drums?
  • • Do you want to develop perfect drum technique while learning to make music?


Learn to Play Drums goes way beyond every other ‘boring’ text book to teach you perfect drum technique… from the ground up.

Here’s What You Get:

  • • A complete course in modern drumming for beginners.
  • • Cohesive development of fundamental drumming techniques, rudiments, patterns and vocabulary
  • • Detailed breakdown of each drum in the kit and how to use them
  • • Perfectly notated drum fills, grooves and exercises with over 4 hours of downloadable audio.


Bonus One: Learn to read drum notation and deal with whatever the gig throws at you.

Bonus Two: Virtually limitless sticking exercises

The Most Comprehensive Guide to Drums for Beginners

Learn to Play Drums is different to every other drum book. It is the most in-depth guide to building modern drum technique available.

You will begin by discovering the basic rhythms that comprise the fundamentals of modern drumming, before moving on to two-handed playing, using your feet and constructing a groove.

Next, you’ll quickly discover how to create the essential patterns used in modern drumming, using two, three and four voices.

As Learn to Play Drums progresses, the examples get more and more interesting, until you’re playing exciting, intricate drums with confidence and style.

Go from zero to hero and quickly become the most important member of any band.

Buy it now and discover the authentic language of the drums.

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