Easily Master Jazz Guitar Chord Tone Soloing
  • Master Jazz Arpeggios and use them like a pro in your solos
  • Learn how to solo over 13 Essential Sequences
  • Spice up your guitar skills with Chromatics and Substitutions

Easily Master Jazz Guitar Soloing

Jazz guitar can be a challenging style of music to learn.

As guitarists we are often more comfortable playing scales rather than the true building blocks of jazz solos; arpeggios, so it can be difficult for us to emulate and build authentic bebop language.

But with Jazz Guitar Chord Tone Soloing you will quickly learn how to solo over the 13 most essential chord progressions in jazz guitar using arpeggios, substitutions and chromatic approaches.

Here’s What You Get…

• A Complete and Comprehensive Approach to Jazz Guitar Soloing so you quickly and easily learn how to play jazz guitar

• 103 Pages that dissect the 13 Most Important Chord Sequences in Jazz so you learn how to naturally play with each one

• 14 Backing Tracks and over 80 Minutes of Audio so you can practice what you’ve been learning

• PLUS a free download of 124 Notated Audio Examples to help you become a master jazz guitarist

Approach Jazz Guitar the Right Way

Jazz Guitar Chord Tone Soloing helps you build an articulate jazz language around the most important sequences in jazz.

There are many different bebop chord progressions, but in essence they can be broken down into just thirteen simple structures.

Jazz Guitar Chord Tone Soloing teaches you to how to use arpeggios, extensions, chromatic ideas and substitutions over each of the thirteen essential jazz sequences, and how to combine these building blocks into authentic, melodic solos.

Each progression is approached both logically and methodically to build articulate guitar solos from the fundamental principles of jazz guitar. By applying arpeggio-based techniques, and learning to decorate your solos with chromatic ideas, you will quickly learn how to ‘play the changes’ in a musical and creative way.

Learn to…

• Target Chord Changes with Arpeggios

• Add Richness and Colour with Arpeggio Extensions

• Form Interesting and Exciting Lines with Chromatic Approach Notes

• Use ‘Outside’ Substitutions to add Altered Tensions to your Playing

• Develop your Solos using Essential Rhythmic Concepts

• Play Jazz Arpeggios, Extensions and Substitutions to Develop & Enrich Your Playing

PLUS learn how to ‘hit the changes’ by combining rich arpeggios with chromatic ideas. With this jazz concept you will quickly master the jazz guitar language.

Hundreds of Amazon Reviews Include:
  • If you are a bit stuck with your playing and want to open up some soloing possibilities then this may be the book for you. Chord tone soloing gives your solos a very slick and sweet type of sound but because Joseph gives you a series of techniques to start and stop your solo in "odd" places and arpeggios that skip notes, you can also achieve that outside kind of off the wall solo that we all strive for.
  • Abundant illustrative material in the notation and tablature allows you to see the desired positions on the guitar fingerboard and to understand the shape of the chord currently played over. For those who decided to expand their jazz vocabulary, this book will be useful finding.
  • Great book to get you started playing jazz. I was mostly a metal player and some classical,country and flamenco, but now I am hooked on jazz!
  • This is definitely my favorite book by Joseph. Every chapter deals with one chord progression and leads you through several steps towards building nice sounding jazz lines. What I like about this approach is that it is not tedious and that pretty quickly you can start playing something that sounds interesting.
  • I think the idea of exploring jazz improvisation through the arpeggios connection is the best one to deeply internalize this fascinating language. I vi ii V7; I biiDim7 ii biiiDim7; III7 biii ii bII7 I and the other interesting sequences presented in this new book well complete the musical journey began with "Fundamental changes in jazz guitar" and "Minor ii V mastery in jazz guitar".
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