Master Every Guitar Chord in Moden Music with Guitar Chords In Context Part 1
  • Get an immediate, practical understanding of chord forms and never need a chord dictionary again
  • Discover shortcuts to playing any chord anywhere on the guitar
  • Learn advanced voicings so you can build your own chord ‘licks’

Guitar Chords in Context Part 1– Construction and Application

Do you get tired of having to look up a guitar chord every time you try to learn a new song?
Have you tried memorising chords only to find out you’ve forgotten them all the next day?
Do you get stuck playing the same few chords in one place on the fretboard?

You need more than just a chord dictionary… you need to understand how chords are constructed and to really know your fretboard so you can play any chord anywhere on your guitar.

Guitar Chords in Context is a complete guitar chord method that teaches you to build, understand and play every chord in modern music.

Why is this the book you want? Because Guitar Chords in Context is not just another chord dictionary. It’s a detailed book on how to construct and apply every chord type you’ll ever come across.

Here’s What You Get…

• A complete, useful and musical way to master chords for guitar

• Three voicings of every important chord type, along with their theory, construction and use in music so you can play any chord in any song without sounding boring

• Over 100 pages of clear, high resolution diagrams covering the construction of every common guitar chord type

• Over 110 audio examples and backing tracks you can download for free to enhance your practice

It’s easy, systematic, fun and reliable.


How You Will Immediately Benefit:

By understanding the theory behind the construction of each guitar chord type and learning where every interval lays on the fretboard, you will instantly see the guitar neck in a new way.

You will quickly internalise the concept of guide tones and be able to use them to immediately construct any chord type you desire, anywhere on the neck.

Short-cuts To Quickly Make You Musical:

• Discover how to build and play triads, 7th, 6th and altered dominant chords

• Learn how to use substitutions to add diatonic extensions and chromatic alterations to chords

• Understand and play guitar chords in a musical context; don’t just learn a list of complex voicings

When you have read Guitar Chords in Context you will see and understand the guitar neck in a whole new light.

In fact, you will never need a traditional ‘chord dictionary’ again.

You will quickly be able to find the musical voicings that work for you – every time.

Hundreds of Reviews for this Book include:
  • I have been slowly working my way through this book. The layout is logical. It takes the reader, step by step, through the fundamentals of jazz chords, building the reader’s knowledge and reinforcing it at salient points along the way.
  • I have found this book to be written in a friendly style which is easy to understand and makes learning fun. I am so impressed with it that I have also bought the follow up book Jazz Guitar Chord Mastery.
  • I am happy to have finally found a book that explains the chords I need to get started with jazz guitar. Mr. Alexander explains the chord construction simply and succinctly, and shows how all chords can be reduced to four basic types. I have only just begun to study this book, but I can already see that it will be a huge benefit to me.
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