Funk Rhythm Guitar Mastery
  • Master Funk Rhythm Guitar by developing your Rhythmic and Technical skills
  • Discover Funk Guitar Building Blocks and Perfect Rhythm from the ground up
  • Learn to Improvise and develop Creative, Musical and Interesting funk guitar parts

Understand and Easily Master Funk Rhythm Guitar

Have you tried playing funk guitar parts that seemed simple only to discover they were actually quite intricate?
Do you want to build the technical skills to master the consistency you need to sound like the great funk guitarists?
Do you want to not only learn how to play but to understand funk rhythm guitar and so you can write your own riffs?

Funk Guitar Mastery focuses on developing the rhythmic and technical skills needed to develop and understand how a funk guitar part functions and sits in the band. As proficiency is developed, funky chords, riffs, techniques and approaches are added to get you grooving like a pro.

Here’s What You Get…

• A 104 page detailed guitar method that builds the rhythmic and melodic skills you need to become an excellent funk guitar player

• 169 Audio Examples and 12 Backing Tracks from the legendary Quist so that you can hear and apply every single idea in the book

Build and Understand Funk Rhythms to Develop Great Musical Feel and learn to improvise your own funk guitar parts

• Discover everything you need to master Funk Guitar like Chords, Riffs, Progressions, Scales, Practice and tone tips and how to Lock in with the bass and drums to ‘Play in the Pocket’

Great Musical Feel is Developed Through Great Musical Practice

Funk is a music based on two things: rhythm and feel.

Long periods of static chord vamps come alive by the use of subtle and varied musical techniques, and these techniques must be built on a foundation of rock-solid rhythmic control.

To build the rhythmic skills needed to play tight funk guitar (or indeed, any music), guitarists must learn to accurately perform almost any rhythm on the guitar before learning how to sit tightly in the groove of the song.

Funk Guitar Mastery Develops Perfect Rhythm from the Ground Up

Part 1

The first half of Funk Guitar Mastery focuses on developing tight, accurate rhythm skills from first principles.

For guitarists, funk is a music that is all about playing accurate and groovy 1/16th notes. Every possible pattern of 1/16th notes is addressed and then combined into original and authentic funk guitar parts.

Essential skills such as Scratches, Rests, Triplets and Chord Stabs are also introduced.

Part 2

The second half of Funk Guitar Mastery introduces the vital elements of Groove, Chord Embellishments (such as Adding Slides and Melody Notes), Chord Progressions, Riff-based Ideas and Improvisation.

Both halves combine seamlessly to develop creative, musical and interesting funk guitar parts. Throughout, the emphasis is on listening to, and locking in with the bass and drums to help you form a tight, functional, grooving rhythm section.

Hundreds of Reviews for each Book include:
  • After several years of playing the guitar I realized that going back to basics was a necessity. I kinda jumped right into learning other people's songs and never really mastered the basics. So when I saw how this book was laid out with all the rhythmic exercises, it appealed to me. I bought this book for the exercises and going through it has greatly improved my playing. The exercises are laid out logically, but simple enough in structure that a raw beginner can play them as well. If you want to get a better grasp of basics and just plain have some fun, then get this book.
  • This is the 6th book I've purchased by Joseph Alexander and it didn't disappoint. I've never before been able to find a great funk guitar theory book. Since the Red Hot Chili Peppers are my favorite band, I learned the songs but never had a real good understanding of the theory behind the Funk guitar fretboard until now. Thank you!
  • This book clearly and concisely covers a topic I was never able to get under my fingers, literally! It begins with the very basic rhythm structure and works its way up to the more advanced types used in real-world funk playing. If you can't follow the figures, the audio tracks provided do the trick. All in all, I highly recommend this and any of Joseph's books as they truly deliver as promised.
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