Fundamental Changes in Jazz Guitar: An In Depth Study of Major ii V I Soloing in Bebop
  • Master the ii V I progression with this Complete Jazz Method
  • Discover the root notes up through advanced techniques with ease
  • Learn how to write your own lines (not just steal from the murky jazzy bits of the internet)

Fundamental Changes in Jazz Guitar:
An In Depth Study of Major ii V I Soloing in Bebop

Are you an intermediate guitarist or first time jazz soloist working on mastering your ii V I soloing?
Do you listen to some of the great jazz artists and wonder how you get to be as good as they are?
Do you want to write your own jazz solos but aren’t sure where to start?

Fundamental Changes in Jazz Guitar is a complete study of Major ii V I Soloing in Bebop that helps you build from the ground up beginning with root notes up to writing your own complex and musical solos.

Here’s What You Get…

• 20 lessons that have you beginning with simple root notes and working your way up to playing extended arpeggios

• Over 2 hours of free audio so you can hear and feel each stepping stone in the process of learning

• 163 Live Examples in tablature and standard notation with audio played at 2 speeds so you can practice what you are learning and Master ii V I Soloing

• PLUS 6 backing tracks so you can play the jazz lines you are learning to construct in an Actual Musical Situation

The COMPLETE Jazz Guitar Soloing Course

Fundamental Changes in Jazz Guitar is a logical, in-depth soloing study of the important major ii V I (2 5 1) in jazz.

Aimed at the intermediate guitarist or first time jazz soloist, this important and comprehensive work takes the student from first principles right through to advanced substitutions and extensions that can be played over each chord of the progression.

The focus of the book is on playing, rather than theory and whilst there is often a brief explanation of the necessary concepts involved, each of the 20 chapters emphasises playing and creating music.

The concept of this ebook is to get students to play jazz quickly, and absorb the theory naturally.

Hundreds of Reviews for each Book include:
  • There are a million books on jazz guitar. I have most of them. This book is the one I'd take on the shuttle to woodshed jazz guitar at my beginner/ intermediate level. It contains a structured and achievable means to get to the point of making the changes.
  • Before I die, I want to play bebop guitar! I've got a lot of jazz books, understand the concepts of jazz improvisation well, but can barely solo fluidly over a few jazz tunes. I'm about a third of the way through the book and slowly gaining proficiency. I'm confident that if I keep working then in 6 months or so I'll be able to navigate basic bebop tunes competently.
  • This really is a practical book for Jazz guitar beginner. I am so happy that the author teaches step-by-step from the ground up and makes this progression all make sense. This is the only book that guides us to make clear from zero to full understanding!!!
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