First Pieces for Classical Guitar book cover
First Pieces for Classical Guitar
  • Learn 20 great classical guitar pieces written by legends of the instrument
  • No need to read music. Contains tablature and audio
  • Technical breakdown and composer biographies

Master 20 Beautiful Classical Guitar Pieces for Beginners.

  • • Learn 20 great classical guitar pieces written by legends of the instrument
  • • Presented in easy-to-read tablature and notation. No need to read music
  • • Includes helpful analysis and breakdown of each piece, along with its historical background
  • • FREE audio download – hear how each piece sounds to speed up your learning
  • • Carefully selected pieces start easy and gradually become more complex – improve naturally as the book progresses

First Pieces for Classical Guitar

  • • Do you want to learn classical guitar, but don’t know how to read music?
  • • Do you want to build an impressive repertoire of complete pieces, but don’t know where to start?
  • • Do you want to develop style and authenticity on the classical guitar?

First Pieces for Classical Guitar features 20 carefully selected pieces – each written by a past master of the instrument – aimed at beginners who want to learn to play entire, beautiful pieces. The natural progression of the studies from beginner to intermediate will help you develop your classical guitar language quickly and easily. Notation is included, but each piece is also presented in easy-to-read tablature, so an ability to read music is not necessary.

Here’s What You Get:

  • • 20 beautiful, incremental classical guitar studies
  • • Playing advice and a breakdown of each classical guitar piece
  • • Perfectly notated music and guitar tablature with studio-quality audio to download for free.

Distinctive Repertoire

This collection of classical pieces develops a satisfying performance repertoire for the advancing beginner, while progressively developing musical technique as the pieces progress.

The music is drawn from some of the most famous and influential composers for the guitar, including…

  • • Carulli
  • • Giuliani
  • • Carcassi
  • • Fernando Sor
  • • Tárrega
  • • JS. Bach
  • • Marschner

…along with two traditional folk song arrangements.

These 20 classical guitar masterpieces are presented in clear notation and tablature, along with a complete technical breakdown.

This book is for students who have a passion to learn classical guitar, but do not necessarily read music.

Hear it!

Learning classical guitar pieces from paper is one thing, but once you hear them, they become much easier to learn. First Pieces for Classical Guitar contains supporting audio for each track, to help you get inside the music and quickly improve your ability.

Buy it now to bring the authentic language of the classical guitar into your playing.

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First Pieces for Classical Guitar book cover