Discover hundreds of licks you can play plus how to be a killer blues guitar soloist with Fingerstyle Blues Guitar
  • Become a Master Fingerstyle Blues Guitarist
  • Learn Finger Independence so you look and feel like a pro
  • Discover Licks, Techniques & Chords you can use and build anytime you play

Master Acoustic Fingerstyle Blues Guitar

Imagine being an accomplished blues musician… able to pick up your guitar and play the blues whenever and wherever.

I don’t mean just playing the same thing over and over, or only sitting on backup because you can play the right chords.

But really getting into the nitty gritty of blues and wowing the audience and fellow musicians with your masterful solos.

In Fingerstyle Blue Guitar I break down this challenging yet rewarding genre step-by-step, from your first finger independence exercises right through to complete studies that seamlessly combine chords, bass lines and melodies into full pieces of music.

So you not only understand the music you play… but you can write and improvise your own too.

Here’s what you get…

• 199 Audio Examples in Standard Notation and Tablature that you can download for free to help take your study a step further

• Discover how to develop the Finger Independence to blend alternating bass lines, chords and melodies so the music becomes natural to you

• Learn how to build creative freedom through musical techniques so you can play in any song and write your own solos

• Learn the musical patterns present in the blues so you can pick up your guitar and improvise a solo whenever you play, just like the Delta masters

Fingerstyle Blues Guitar Covers:

• Alternating, static and walking bass lines

• Bends, Slides, Legato, Vibrato techniques

• Improvising Solos and building Syncopation

• Combining melodies with chords and bass lines

• Chord inversions, fragments and playing up the neck

• Turnarounds, licks and tricks

Reviews for Book include:
  • Clear, concise and to the point. Each exercise builds on the previous one allowing you a complete catalog of fingerstyle blues techniques.
  • I am an intermediate guitarist and wanted to improve my acoustic stylings when I got this book. It's well-explained, thorough, and provides clear TAB and music notation for all of the exercises. I've already noticed significant improvement in my fingerstyle technique.
  • Putting first things first and providing a solid rhythmic foundation, this book will open up your playing giving you a whole new approach to playing or another trick in your book.
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