Exotic Pentatonic Soloing for Guitar
  • Master 11 Exotic Pentatonic Scales and 55 essential licks for guitar
  • Build Breathtaking Solos with fresh and exciting new scales
  • Discover new melodic tools to enhance your creativity

Master Exotic Pentatonic Scales for Guitar

Have you ever been stuck in a rut with your soloing?
Have you wondered how the guitar greats seem to find notes that you don’t have access to?

Discover 11 new scales that you can use to build exciting solos with Exotic Pentatonic Scales for Guitar. Often, by making small adjustments to the standard pentatonic scales you already play, you can find dramatically different and expressive ways to communicate on the guitar.

Here’s What You Get…

• A 94 page book giving you dynamic insight into the construction and use of these creative pentatonic scales for guitar

• A full and in-depth video guide that helps you master 11 exotic pentatonic scales and 55 essential licks for guitar.

• 90 minutes of HD video and 183 free audio examples you can download from www.fundamental-changes.com to help you hear and feel what you’re learning


Exotic Pentatonic Soloing Dramatically Expands your Musical Palette

Get Creative and Inspired with a Whole New Musical Vocabulary. You’ll gain new melodic tools and insight to develop your solos and enhance your creativity.

Each of the 11 new scales is taught around the five CAGED shapes with five exciting licks for each scale.

You also get a guide to melodic phrasing and creative practice tips so you can apply everything you’re learning to the music you’re playing today.

Discover How to Build Breathtaking Solos

You’ll also discover how to build Breathtaking Solos with the 11 New Types of Scale you’ll learn in Exotic Pentatonic Scales for Guitar.

Discover the ‘Robben Ford’, ‘Lydian’, ‘Iwato’, ‘Hirojoshi’ ‘m7b5′ and ‘Hindu’ Pentatonic Scales, plus many more.

Hundreds of Reviews for each Book include:
  • Simon's style in this book is accessible and clear, but not overly simplified, nor does it leave you wishing there was a "Book Two" after the first week. Technically proficient, this book bridges the gap between the science of sound, and just hearing what you like. Perfect for anyone looking to branch out into a new sound, or brush up on proper technique.
  • Joseph Alexander's books are full of information and incredibly well written. This book is great in that it gets you to think "outside" of your typical minor or major pentatonic that we all know. I have only just begun to explore this book but like the others, I am already impressed.
  • Simon is a genius with exciting ways to play guitar!! Get out of the "boxes" and get this amazingly diversity of these 11 wonderful exotic flavored pentatonic scales!!!
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