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Master the Language of the Greatest Country Guitar Players
  • Build Incredible Country Guitar Soloing Skills
  • Master Banjo Rolls, Hybrid Picking and Open String Licks
  • Outline Authentic Chord Changes in your Solos

Solo Like the Country Guitar Masters

Country Guitar Soloing Techniques to Supercharge your playing…  


  • • Develop hybrid picking, banjo rolls, country guitar bending and slurs
  • • Learn to outline chord changes and solo with ease
  • • Discover the secrets of triad-based soloing and approach notes for an authentic country sound
  • • Master jaw-dropping open string licks and impressive techniques for country guitar
  • • Improve your picking speed and legato with slurs and open string licks
  • • Master two complete country guitar solos that musically combine every essential guitar technique

Study with tablature, notation and hundreds of live audio examples


Country Guitar Soloing Techniques

  • • Are you struggling to get to grips with country guitar techniques?
  • • Do you want to play authentic country solos?
  • • Are you eager to develop banjo rolls, hybrid-picking and legato?
  • • Do you want to confidently outline chord changes in your solos?
  • • Are you ready to add chromatic approach notes and impressive open string licks?


It’s Time to Learn Country Guitar Soloing – The Right Way

Have you ever wondered how great country guitarists effortlessly outline the chord sequences in their solos and never break a sweat?

Country Guitar Soloing Techniques takes you on a journey of discovery that teaches you authentic country guitar soloing using the actual techniques of the masters.

With over 100 notated audio examples, every essential technique, scale and approach is dissected and developed into musical licks and exciting, flamboyant solos.

From simple scales, to triads and chromatic approach notes, the harmonic and theoretical aspects of soloing are broken down and rebuilt effortlessly into articulate solo lines that sound incredible.

You’ll discover triads, Pentatonic scales, open string licks, hybrid-picking, banjo rolls, slurs and chromatic ideas that will quickly propel you to country guitar soloing greatness.


Check out one of the full length pieces you’ll learn in this book:


Here’s What You Get:

  • • 100 Pages of country guitar essentials stuffed with 180 individually recorded examples – Learn to play exciting solos based around essential chord shapes.
  • • A masterclass in country soloing – From simple ideas to advanced lead guitar licks that teach you to play authentic country guitar: effortlessly.
  • • Detailed discussion of note choice, picking technique, chromatic ideas, stylistics and building speed.
  • • Hitting the Changes – A comprehensive guide to outlining the chords in your playing to create a tight-knit, articulate and musical country guitar solo.
  • • The complete guide to country bending – Master the essential art of bending for fluid and expressive solos.
  • • Two complete studies pieces that teach you to combine each technique into devastating, musical approach.


Bonus! – Learn every idea around the CAGED system so you can play in any key, anywhere on the guitar


Hear it!

Reading music from paper is one thing, but once you hear how to apply it, it becomes music. Country Guitar Soloing Techniques contains hundreds of supporting audio examples and backing tracks to help you get inside the music, and quickly apply every new concept in a musical way.


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