The Complete Technique Theory and Scales Compilation for Guitar
The Complete Technique Theory and Scales Compilation
  • Master the essentials and quickly develop the fundamental four areas of guitar technique
  • Learn music theory from a guitarist’s point of view plus how to apply it to your playing
  • Discover soloing possibilities for every mode

The Complete Technique, Theory and Scales Compilation for Guitar

Are you looking for a complete guide to theory that doesn’t get so complex you can’t understand it?
Do you need to understand music theory in guitar terms so you can apply it to your playing?
Do you want to know what and how to practice so you become a better guitar player?

This compilation brings together three best-selling books that will help you master the essential rudiments of playing the guitar; Technique, Theory and the Application of all the Essential Scales in Music.

Here’s What You Get…

• Over 285 pages of Technique, Theory, and Scales plus how to apply them and improve your skills as a guitarist

• Over 400 notated audio examples so you can hear what you are learning and can practice with the audio

• 60 backing tracks that demonstrate every technique, lick and scale clearly in a musical context

Beginners to very advanced players will all find plenty of ideas, techniques and musical vocabulary to keep them improving for years.

Book One – Complete Technique for Modern Guitar

This book destroys the notion that aspiring players must spend all their practice time accelerating through progressively more difficult and obscure exercises. This book focuses on only the exercises that most quickly develop the fundamental four areas of guitar technique: Picking, Legato, Playing in time, and Expression.

It contains over 200 essential, digestible, exercises to help you master the guitar with comprehensive coverage of picking, legato, rhythm and expressive techniques.

Book Two – The Practical Guide to Modern Music Theory for Guitarists

This is a complete and practical music theory course for guitarists that takes you on a journey starting from simple major scale construction, its 3 and 4 note harmonisations, and common chord sequences, to a massively deep and structured dissection of all the modes of the major scale.

The seven modes are broken down into their constituent intervals, triads, arpeggios and Pentatonic scales, with each theoretical approach discussed and analysed and bought to life with over 200 notated examples, licks and professional backing tracks.

After the many soloing possibilities are discussed for each mode, the author’s favourite sounds are given as a concise list of recommended approaches. This will save you many hours of practice time, and provide solid starting point to explore the best of each tonality.

Book Three – Guitar Scales in Context

This book goes further than any other scale dictionary available: it provides you with backing tracks and licks for every one of the essential eighteen scales and modes that it covers.

With over fifty backing tracks included, each scale is analysed, discussed and shown in the five most commonly used patterns. Each scale shape is given with a corresponding chord, triad and arpeggio pattern to help you build and memorise the scale, both physically and aurally.

Hundreds of Reviews for each Book include:
  • This book brings together theory, technique and scales in one source. It's a lot of material but can be taken one step at a time. I especially like the examples he gives for each scale and concept.
  • On the whole, this compilation was what I'd hoped it would be - theory that didn't get so technical that it got in its own way, tips for improving one's technique that make sense and look like they will will actually work, and coverage of the scale patterns I am most interested in.
  • I must say this book really really helpful for someone looking to get theory technique and scales. Joseph did a great job making a complicated subject fun and easy to work through.
Over 150,000 Books Sold write some of the most popular guitar guides on Amazon. Each book goes into great detail about focused areas of guitar playing, so we can guarantee you’ll be immersed in the style that you love. Written by musicians in clear, unpretentious language they aim to make learning guitar fun and accessible for everyone.

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