Complete Technique for Modern Guitar
Discover Complete Technique for Modern Guitar: Total Fretboard Accuracy
  • Easily Develop Speed, Fluency, Rhythm and Expression
  • Build Technique to Unleash your Inner Creativity
  • Plus Get 200 Supercharged Exercises to Quickly Boost your Playing

Complete Technique for Modern Guitar

At some point in our musical careers we all decide we want to achieve “perfect” technique because we think it will make us better musicians.

So we set out to practice the same exercise over and over and over… until we get it just right.

But once you’ve done this, does that mean your technique is perfect?
What have you given up in order to put in all this practice (because it’s not usually very fun)?
How long do you have to practice before you’ve mastered your technique?

Discover a different way to learn technique for Total Fretboard Accuracy (that doesn’t take years to achieve): Complete Technique for Modern Guitar.

It will help you easily develop speed, fluency, rhythm and expression to boost your playing and unleash your inner creativity.

Here’s What You Get…

• 100 pages of study focusing on only the exercises that most quickly develop the fundamental four areas of guitar technique: Picking, Legato, Playing in Time, and Expression

• Over 200 no-nonsense exercises to help you master your guitar technique

• Notated Audio Examples of every exercise so you can hear what you are learning and practice with the audio

Don’t Know what to Practice for the Greatest Benefit?

There are hundreds of sources of information about ‘correct’ guitar technique these days and often students find themselves spending more time than they need to chasing more and more difficult, obscure exercises to perfect their technique.

Complete Technique for Modern Guitar destroys the myth that excellent guitar technique takes years to master.

Instead it focuses only on the most beneficial, game changing exercises that will develop your playing fast, while leaving time for you to apply each exercise in a musical context.

Practice Only What you Need

The book begins with a short question; How much technique do you need?

You are then free to decide which of the 200 in depth exercises will take you where you want to go.

The point of technique practice is to allow us to express ourselves musicallyComplete Technique for Modern Guitar helps you to keep that goal in mind while developing the perfect technique for what you want to play.

Over 120 Excellent Reviews from Customers on Amazon
  • This book is wonderful for any level of guitar player. Honestly, you follow these exercises, and page by page you'll see yourself improving day by day. I've only started it but it's already making me look at the way I play. If you want to be the 'perfect' player it's all about technique guys. Get on it!
  • The style and content of "Complete Technique for Modern Guitar" just seems to suit me very well. I find it to be very straight-forward and to the point, yet with very detailed and clear explanations as to the hows and whys of it all. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book to serious guitarists of any skill level and style preference.
  • This is the third book I've bought by Mr. Alexander, and as with the other two I am very impressed. This book is invaluable to me as far as clear, concise and constructive practice are concerned. I cannot thank the author enough for his wonderful series of practical and instructive books.
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