Chicken Pickin' - The Vocabulary of the Country Guitar Masters
Chicken Pickin' - The Vocabulary of the Country Guitar Masters
The Vocabulary of the Country Guitar Masters
  • Country guitar players
  • Country Guitar Techniques and Tone
  • Country guitar soloing

Chicken Pickin’ – The Vocabulary of the Country Guitar Masters

100 Transcribed and Fully Notated Country Guitar Licks from the Masters

100 Audio Examples

10 Backing Tracks

An Authentic Opportunity to Learn Country Guitar Language

In Sam Smiley’s groundbreaking book, the essential language of country guitar is broken down in to short, authentic phrases which have been lovingly transcribed from the best country guitar players in the world.

Examples come from such diverse players as Albert Lee, Brent Mason, Don Rich and Brad Paisley.

In order to quickly master any language, it is best to immerse ourselves in its dialogue. Instead of learning grammar and sentence structure first, the way we naturally learn to speak is by learning words and phrases from our parents. Chicken Pickin’ applies this concept to the the way we learn country guitar, and instead of teaching you theory first, you’re immersed into a world of exciting, dynamic licks and vocabulary. All the licks are written in standard notation and tab and include corresponding audio examples.

Learn Country Guitar Techniques and Tone

Chicken Pickin’ also includes extensive sections on the important techniques of country guitar, specialized oblique and pedal steel bends, muting and hybrid picking are all covered in detail.

In addition, there are biographies and information on all the important players, plus a large section on getting the right gear and tone to sound authentic.

Chicken Pickin’ The Vocabulary of the Country Guitar Masters is available from Amazon in paperback and eBook formats, and available for download as a .pdf from the link below.

If you want to quickly learn country guitar soloing and develop authentic language, this is the method for you.

Hundreds of Reviews for each Book include:
  • I have been searching for a course that would give me a good foundation with hybrid picking and the unique sounds of this style Country Guitar. Sam's book is by far the easiest to follow and to learn from.

    I put the audio tracks on my I Phone connect the phone to a Vox headphone amp, and it almost like having a private teacher sitting with me. Actually it is better than a teacher, as I can practice and learn on my time and at my pace.
  • Excellent well thought out! Not only tells you there where and the how but explains the why! Rare in the world of Guitar literature! I highly recommend any publications from this author! Simply put the author is the Best! I should know I've work purchase the Best products available. Trust me you won't. be disappointed! Finally you get what you pay for and more! Sam Smiley is a rare diamond in the journey called. Guitar Street! Anthony product specialist/clinician Endosee for Ovation Takamine Alvarez Yahari Trace Elliot Dunlap Mel Bay Fender Yamaha GHS Strings Kaman Crate and Industrial Amps the Best in Guitar Amolificatin!
  • Nice book for beginning pickers. will last me a long time.
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Chicken Pickin' - The Vocabulary of the Country Guitar Masters