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Master Riffs, Licks, Turnarounds, Intros and Endings
  • Master riffs, chords, licks, fills and turnarounds to be the complete blues player
  • Understand rhythm and blues phrasing and apply it to real music
  • Learn six complete blues solos

Play Blues Guitar – Chicago Style!

  • Discover 10 different blues chord sequences – so you always know what to play
  • Master riffs, chords, licks, fills and turnarounds – to make you the most in-demand player
  • Understand rhythm and blues guitar phrasing – so you know what to play and when
  • Study 6 complete blues guitar solos – to master the authentic language of the blues
  • Learn to improvise blues guitar solos and earn the spotlight

The Chicago Blues Guitar Method

  • Can you play guitar but want to master Chicago Blues?
  • Would you like an effective approach to master rhythm and solo blues guitar?
  • Do aspire to play in a Chicago Blues band or at local jam nights?
  • Are you missing out on playing the most influential genre of the last 100 years?

The Chicago Blues Guitar Method will teach you how to master this essential style, from your first riff right through to your first live solos… and beyond!

Here’s What You Get:

  • A complete course, building from the first chord progressions of Chicago Blues Guitar (It’s not just the 12-bar blues!)
  • An in-depth study of blues guitar riffs, guitar licks, blues fills, turnarounds, intros and endings
  • Over 100 practical, hands on examples, to teach you phrasing, note placement soloing and working with a singer
  • Hundreds of authentic blues licks in style of the greatest guitarists

Do you Really Know the Blues?

Most beginners can mess around with the blues, but few really understand that it is easy to quickly expand their playing into hundreds of licks, progressions, riffs and turnarounds.

The Chicago Blues Guitar Method is an immersive guide to the style of the greatest blues guitarists like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Otis Rush, Earl Hooker and Buddy Guy.

It’s a blues guitar method for beginners who can play a few chords or licks, but want to authentically learn the language of the blues.

From basic chord progressions, to learning six complete solos, you will be guided on a detailed journey to become a fluent rhythm and lead blues guitar player.

There is an emphasis on authentic licks and language, and developing a real feel for Chicago Blues guitar

Hear it!

Learning music from paper is one thing, but once you hear how to play it the blues becomes alive.

The Chicago Blues Guitar Method contains over 100 supporting audio examples that are free to download and will help you get you deep inside the music. You’ll quickly build your skills as an authentic musician and be ready for the gig.

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