Blues Language by Sam Smiley
Blues Language
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Blues Language by Sam Smiley

All music has a vocabulary and language.  Once you learn to ‘speak’ or play it, you sound like an authentic player!

This book is a vocabulary handbook for anyone who wants to make their blues playing more authentic.  By working through these licks you will learn many of the phrases, tricks, and techniques used by the best blues players in history.

Here is what is covered in Blues Language

Over 100 licks from the blues masters Licks over different sections of the blues (endings, turnarounds, etc) The idea of learning vocabulary Sample Solos/Etudes A deeper discussion of the blues form Alternate blues changes Discography

You Receive

A printable PDF file of the eBook that can also be viewed on E-Readers

90+ pages of great blues material

Audio Examples of all the licks

Artists Covered

BB King Albert King Buddy Guy Pat Hare (with Bobby Blue Bland) Duane Allman Freddie King Muddy Waters Elmore James Earl Hooker Albert Collins Billy Butler Wes Montgomery T-Bone Walker Kenny Burrell and more!!


Blues Language is specially priced at only $14.99!!

That means for less than 15 dollars you will receive hours of great material to play and work into your own playing.  The hours and hours of transcribing has already been done! Save yourself time and become an authority in the Blues Language.

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Hundreds of Reviews for each Book include:
  • This is an excellent resource for the intermediate player looking to develop their blues playing beyond the basic blues scale. The "language" and "vocabulary" approach is spot-on. The book has chapters devoted to each chord of the standard blues progression, each containing brief (mostly 2-bar) licks taken directly from a good variety of the genre's best players (including Pat Hare, Billy Butler, Jimmy Rogers). It concludes with a few solos composed of the licks (i.e., vocabulary) already learned, showing how they can be used and interchanged.
  • Arrived in great shape.
  • This book is a fair cross reference to various players riffs & styles that give them their distinctive sound. Putting those riffs into use is left you to figure out but it does cross reference songs so you can explore them. For the creative person this is a fairly good way to delve into blues and develop your own interpretation. It is probably worth 4 stars but for me 3 was enough!
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Blues Language by Sam Smiley