Build Awesome Soloing Skills that Last a Lifetime!
  • Discover how to play guitar solos like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn and more
  • Master essential techniques so you can write and improvise your own solos
  • Learn how to add classic techniques like slides and bends to your playing

Master Lead Guitar Licks and Build Great Technique for a Lifetime

Discover how to play your first solos on guitar

Master the essential playing techniques to make your solos rock

Learn the licks that quickly build into long, musical solos

Dominate bends, slides, picking and legato

Instantly apply scales and licks to improvise guitar solos today

The Beginner Lead Guitar Method

Are you struggling to learn your first guitar solos?
Would you like an effective way to build technique, play cool licks and improvise?
Do you want to confidently use scales and impress your audience?
Do you know how to build perfect practice habits that will stay with you for a lifetime?

The Beginner Lead Guitar Method will teach you the licks, techniques and scales you can use to become a better musician, quickly and easily.

Here’s What You Get…

• A complete course, building from the first essential guitar techniques to help you play guitar solos musically.

• Four proven practice routines that helps you build muscle memory, great technique and musical knowledge.

• Understanding of how to solo in the right way, and how to be creative with important guitar scales.

• One instant trick to teach your fingers how to play what you hear in your head.

• Five COMPLETE guitar solos in the style of famous players to consolidate your new skills.

Bonus One: HD Video content of one exercise you can try now to play insane blues/rock solos with just four notes.

Bonus Two: Four complete practice schedules that fit around your life

Are you Missing Part of the Puzzle?

Most guitar beginners know a few guitar licks but few actually understand how to build guitar techniques to play great solos and find their inner voice.

The Beginner Lead Guitar Method isn’t just a lick book; it’s a guide for beginners that teaches you how to solo and build technique at the same time.

From the most basic licks, right through to exciting techniques such as bends, slides, legato and vibrato, you are guided step by step towards lead guitar soloing greatness.

The emphasis is on building great technique and nurturing creativity while mastering the authentic language of blues/rock guitar naturally.

Test Yourself!  At the end of each chapter, there is a short quiz to ensure you’ve understood each new concept, and plenty of soloing challenges to help you get creative.

How to Practice! – We’ve also included detailed practice routines that tailor around your schedule. Whether you’ve got 10 minutes or an hour… there’s a targeted practice routine that fits your lifestyle.

Hear it!

Learning licks and techniques on paper is one thing, but once you hear how to apply them, they become music.

The Beginner Lead Guitar Method contains over 100 audio examples, backing tracks and bonus videos to help you get inside the music and quickly build unstoppable momentum in your studies.

You’ll be rocking out before you know it!

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