Beginner's Guitar Lessons: The Essential Guide
  • Quickly Master the Basics of Playing Guitar
  • Discover A Complete Method to Learning and Playing Chords
  • Form a foundation of effortless, good technique and skills that will last a lifetime

Quickly Master the Guitar and Build Good Habits for Life-Long Learning

Do you want to play guitar but don’t want to make all those “beginner mistakes” as a self-taught guitarist?
Have you always wanted to play guitar but think you’re “tone deaf” or don’t have any rhythm?
Do you have a goal for what you’d like to be able to play on guitar but you need a place to start?

There are many common mistakes that beginner guitarists make that limit musical develop over a lifetime. Beginner’s Guitar: The Complete Guide teaches you to play the right way from the first time you pick up the instrument, forming a foundation of effortless, good technique and skills that will last a lifetime.

Here’s What You Get…

• 15 Lessons to help you quickly master the basics of guitar playing

• 50 Downloadable Audio Tracks so you can hear and feel what you’re learning

• A Complete Method to learn chords and smoothly change between them

• Exercises, Clear Diagrams, Finger Picking examples Chord Progressions to practice and more


As a guitar teacher, time and time again I see adult guitarists who have come to a road block in their playing because often, self-taught learners will ‘hit a wall’ due to bad techniques picked up early on.

It may be speed, changing chords, rhythm, or many other obstacles that were created when they first started learning.

Most often, the student doesn’t even know what the problem is, or why it’s occurring.

Beginner’s Guitar: The Complete Guide teaches you the correct skills early on so you will avoid many common challenges later in your development.

Learn the correct way to Strum in Time, How to Read Chord Charts and Guitar Tablature (Tab), Fragments of Songs, plus much more.

This Book Will Get You Playing Guitar the Right Way

Get off on the right foot with this fun, comprehensive beginner’s guide to guitar.

Check out the Excellent Reviews:
  • I've being playing for about a year now. My schedule makes it difficult to do the required routine. This book has helped to fill in those things I've missed or didn't get the first time. And the audio is great because sometimes I'm left wondering just exactly what sounds I should be making precisely. I am finally getting to the point in my practice that I enjoy it more and actually look forward to it.
  • This book while concise and targeted for beginners opens your eyes to some more sophisticated techniques. I am a two year beginner and this book explained simply techniques that were beyond me. I particularly like the split chords and the transition chords as these lessons helped me to understand how more sophisticated techniques are established.
  • Great book! I like how he presents his lessons. He is very good at explaining enough of the reasons things are the way they are without bogging you down with too much theory. He saves the theory for later books when you are more prepared for it. I would recommend him for any of his books and would definitely buy them if I had to do it over again.
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