Master the Language of the Greatest Country Guitar Players
  • Play in The Style of The World’s 20 Greatest Country Guitarists
  • Master 5 Genre-Defining Licks for Each Player
  • Learn to Combine and Personalise Licks to Create your Own Unique Style

Master Country Guitar Licks & the Language of the Greatest Country Players

  • • Play in the style of the greatest 20 Country Guitarists
  • • Master 5 genre-defining guitar licks for each player
  • • Discover how to combine and personalize vocabulary into your own unique style
  • • Transpose licks and play in any key with our CAGED System guide
  • • Learn two complete Country Guitar solos to play country guitar licks in context.

Country Guitar Heroes: 100 Country Licks For Guitar

  • Are you struggling to learn the language of solo country guitar?
  • Do you want to master the essential language of the country guitar greats?
  • Do you want to combine country guitar licks into meaningful, personalized solos?
  • Do you want to be able to use your country guitar licks in any key and in any style?

100 country licks for guitar goes way beyond most normal ‘boring’ lick books…  you will learn authentic country guitar licks “In the style of” the 20 greatest country guitarists…ever. What’s more, you’ll learn how to form their licks into your own personal language… in any key and in any style.

Here’s an example solo that you will learn in the book.

Here’s What You Get:

  • 100 country guitar licks closely mimicking the language of the 20 most important country guitar players.
  • Complete playing advice and breakdown of every lick, from fingering to musical application.
  • Understanding of how to apply these licks musically in any key.
  • An instant way to combine licks into musical phrases that are unique to your own musical voice.
  • An overview of The CAGED system so you can easily organize and contextualize your licks for instant access! – Never forget a lick again…
  • Over 100 notated examples with tab and audio to download for free.

Bonus One: Two complete solos that teach you to combine and personalize country guitar licks into your own musical language

Bonus Two: A complete guide to changing the “context” of any lick to work over different chords.

Go Way Beyond “Traditional” Lick Books

Most traditional guitar lick books actually fail the guitarists they set out to help. By simply listing licks, it is almost impossible for the student to apply them in any kind of context. They end up with a mental ‘list’ of licks that they struggle to apply in a musical way.

100 Country Licks for Guitar is different and goes way beyond every other lick book available. It is not simply a cold list of licks, it’s a complete guitar method for country guitar that teaches you how to learn and internalize the language of the country guitar masters into your everyday playing.

The style and language of the 20 most genre-defining country guitar players are discussed and analyzed, and 5 defining, “in the style of” guitar licks are given for each essential country guitar player.

You will learn licks in the style of:

Albert Lee | Brad Paisley | Brent Mason | Buck Owens/Don Rich | Chet Atkins | Danny Gatton | Eldon Shamblin | Glen Campbell | Hank Garland | James Burton | Jerry Donahue | Jerry Reed | Jimmy Bryant | Johnny Hiland | Keith Urban | Redd Volkaert | Roy Nichols | Steve Wariner | Vince Gill | Whit Smith

As well as learning to play their essential country guitar language, you will also learn how to easily incorporate their country guitar licks into your playing.

Convert Licks: Learn how to quickly alter any lick to fit over Major, Minor or Dominant 7 chords.

How to Learn: Also included is a detailed ‘How to Practice’ section with detailed content on how to memorize, incorporate and transpose licks into any key.

Hear it!

Learning country guitar licks from paper is one thing, but once you hear how to apply them, they become music. 100 Country Licks for Guitar contains over 100 supporting audio examples to help you get inside the music, and quickly apply each new lick in a musical situation.

Amazon Reviews
  • Amazing book with an extensively useful, well explained licks in the style of so many different players. I just tried a whole bunch of them cover to cover and am very impressed with the attention to detail that Levi has put it in!
  • In this book Levi is not only a good player but great teacher. He shows your different licks and different keys and chord progressions so you can apply licks in a real time situation.
  • Providing extraordinary value, easy to follow concepts, high quality audio examples, this book is a must have for any guitar player looking to get into country lead guitar.
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